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Las Vegas, known for its bright lights and high stakes, is witnessing a different kind of gamble play out in court. The glitz and glamour have dimmed as Wynn Resorts and the newly opened Fontainebleau Las Vegas engage in a legal battle over employee poaching.

The drama began in February 2024 when Wynn Resorts filed a lawsuit against Fontainebleau, accusing them of unfairly recruiting Wynn employees with lucrative offers. Wynn claimed Fontainebleau was not just poaching talent, but also engaging in a deliberate attempt to “mirror the Wynn experience.” This included allegedly targeting specific staff members who possessed crucial knowledge of Wynn’s operations.

Fontainebleau didn’t take the accusations lying down. They responded with a countersuit, escalating the situation. Here’s where things get interesting.


A Million Dollar Stay and The Counterpunch

Fontainebleau’s countersuit paints a different picture. They claim that Wynn’s lawsuit is an attempt to stifle healthy competition. Their argument hinges on the fact that Las Vegas is a competitive market, and recruiting experienced staff is a necessary part of opening a new resort.

The countersuit gets spicy. Fontainebleau alleges that Wynn executives themself fostered a welcoming environment during the initial construction phase. They have spent over $1 million on rooms at Wynn Las Vegas over two years. This, they claim, is where relationships were built, and Wynn employees were exposed to potentially better opportunities at Fontainebleau.

From Amicable to Nasty: The Legal Tango Heats Up

Legal experts see this countersuit as a strategic move. By highlighting Wynn’s past hospitality, Fontainebleau aims to weaken their claims of unfair poaching. It also injects a layer of “we were just trying to compete fairly” into the narrative.

This legal tango has escalated quickly. Professor I. Nelson Rose, a legal scholar specializing in gaming, observed the swift shift from initial cordiality to a full-blown legal brawl. The situation has become a “gang fight,” according to Rose, highlighting the potential animosity simmering beneath the surface of Las Vegas’ competitive landscape.

Who Will Prevail? The High Stakes of the Lawsuit

The outcome of this lawsuit has implications beyond just the two resorts. It could set a precedent for future employee recruitment practices in the Las Vegas hospitality industry.

Wynn’s case rests on the idea that Fontainebleau actively solicited their employees under contract, potentially violating non-solicitation agreements. Fontainebleau, on the other hand, argues they were simply offering competitive wages in a free market.

The judge will need to weigh the evidence and determine if Fontainebleau crossed a legal line in their recruitment efforts. The million-dollar question is: Did they poach, or were they picking up talented free agents?

Fontainebleau vs. Wynn Law Suit

The Verdict

This lawsuit transcends legalese. It’s a story about competition, ambition, and the high stakes involved in the Las Vegas hospitality industry. The outcome will not only impact these two resorts, but also set a tone for future recruitment practices within the city’s glittering ecosystem.

One thing is certain: Las Vegas is witnessing a battle unlike any other, played out not on the casino floor, but in the sterile confines of a courtroom. As the legal arguments unfold, one can’t help but wonder – who will emerge victorious in this high-stakes game of musical chairs? Only time, and the judge’s gavel, will tell.

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