Hard Rock Hotel & Casino to Close for Re-branding

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The initial plan by the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino was to have phases in revamps to the property over 8 months with the business only being closed for about 4 months. Now, the casino will be closed fully during the renovations. I anticipate the hotel and casino to reopen not later than January 2021. However, there are promises that it could be done by October 2020. JC Hospitality Chair and CEO Richard “Boz”
Bosworth provided the following statement:
“We are strong-minded that the phased shutting of this four months, shadowed by a total shut down of four months was not well-organized from a construction process or could we give the hospitality service knowledge that our guests deserve. Therefore, an estimated eight-month shutdown would be efficient and safeguard an opportune opening before January 2021. We might be prepared in October, nonetheless, construction is a defective process. Until early February 2020, it is commercial as usual at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Virgin Hotels Las Vegas promises to be the most vibrant, exciting and anticipated properties to be opened in Las Vegas in years.”


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

The Hard Rock name remains until the rebranding is finished. The novel name will be Virgin Hotels Las Vegas. The rebrand is also expected to be finished by the end of 2019.

As far as souvenirs, Branson said “We are going to treasure it. Also, we are going to pick, maybe some of the bits might be going into storage. however, by and big, it’s part of the history. We’ve got accountability to look after it.”

Branson had refused to disclose how much he did pay for the Hard Rock in a press conference. He did say that he did not want to turn the press into one of the “boring business conferences.”