Las Vegas Casinos Introduce a COVID-19 Test Program for Employees

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This week Las Vegas said it plans to scan employees for the coronavirus before they go back to work. MGM Resorts, Boyd Gaming, Culinary Union, and Caesars Entertainment partnered to test the workers. Furthermore, these industry giants teamed up with the University Medical Centre, Las Vegas Convention Centre, and the Culinary Health Fund. Also, the partnership would mean that they will test 4,000 employees, a day. As a result, more could be achieved to get Las Vegas casinos up and running.

After testing, the results will be available within 48 hours. Positive people will go to the South Nevada Health District. Here, they would be assisted and will have to trace back their steps. Bill Hornbuckle who is the MGM Resorts International acting CEO and the president shared his sentiment. He said the partnership aims to safely reopen casinos and ensure that workers are well taken care of.

As we know Nevada casinos have been shut down since mid-March. The Las Vegas casinos will be moving in phases as per Gov. Steve Sisolak‘s four-phase roadmap to recovery. The state may likely move to phase two nearing Saturday. However, the casinos must not open until they reach the third or fourth stage.

Las Vegas Casinos Implement a Coronavirus Testing Program

How Las Vegas Testing Works

The testing in Nevada is not at the level where governors would like and they have voiced their frustrations. Nevada has tested 103,703 people since the beginning of March. The state has more or less tested about 1,400 people daily. Positive tests are at 7,046 with 373 deaths counted.

It would be an achievement to see the Convention Centre perform 4,000 tests every day in one place. Mason VanHouweling, UMC CEO stated that the capabilities of testing for the coronavirus have become better. This is a result of the governor’s coronavirus response and recovery team that is steered by Jim Murren, the former MGM CEO.

The Culinary Union has asked the Nevada Gaming Control Board to share their plans with people for the safe return of gaming properties. Geoconda Argüello-Kline, Secretary-Treasurer of the Union said they want their members to safely get back to their jobs and for customers to feel secure.


Testing Program in Las Vegas Starts

Today, members who will return to work need to schedule an appointment so that the Convention Centre can test them. It’s great to know that the test is free for employees. The staff members will get all the information they need from the Culinary Union about the testing schedule. Caesars, Boyd, and MGM are all companies the Union owns which represent a large number of workers.