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South Dakota lawmakers are set to discuss the potential rollout of sports betting in the state as a result of the success that neighboring states have experienced of late. This is not the first time that the state flirted with the idea of legalizing sports betting in South Dakota. The push to start sports wagering came after the Supreme Court ruling to repeal the ban on sports betting in the US. To date, there is a total of 14 US states that offer sports betting, nine that are currently in discussions to legalize sports wagering and a further six that has already given the green light and await the official rollout.

Lawmakers to Discuss South Dakota Sports Betting Again

Past Efforts to Legalize Sports Betting in South Dakota

The last time that policymakers in the state tried to get sports wagering off the ground in the state was last year. The South Dakota Senate held discussions to legalize sports betting at Deadwood casinos along with introducing a new casino in Yankton. The arguments were sound, postulating that allowing sports betting in South Dakota would boost the state’s economy as it has been observed to be doing for states in the region. The push was met with disapproval from the opposition that believed that the projected revenue would pale in comparison to the expense it would cost the state to regulate sports wagering in the state.

Potential Revenue from Sports Betting

Sports betting in South Dakota is still illegal. Neighboring states have already tapped into what is reported to be a one hundred and fifty-billion-dollar industry. States such as Wyoming and Montana have reached agreements to offer sports betting as of this spring. This has consequently put the South Dakota policymakers in a state of worry as the potential for residents to head out of state to find legal sport betting options. Just last year, it is reported that in the month of November, Iowa made 56 million dollars in sports betting after starting in August. While we wait for the ruling on the matter, you can still play casino games for real money and win big. Check out some of the best USA casino sites that we recommend and sign up today.

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