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Updated on: May 25th, 2022

Riverboat Roulette OnlineRiverboat roulette is a variation of the classic casino game with interesting additions made to the game. The mesmerizing wheel has received a makeover with added color and more chances to win. Each slot on the wheel is assigned two numbers and the roulette table has added bets. The game is played on two wheels simultaneously. Players are not objected to making bets on only one wheel, instead, players are encouraged to try out both wheels to increase their chances of winning.

We understand that this may sound a bit confusing however, it really isn’t. Our team of experts have given the game a go at top us casino sites and have since created this guide so you can join in on the fun. We have outlined how the game is played, included a strategy and explained in great detail how the wheel works. Read our guide below to get playing.

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How to Play Riverboat Roulette

This fun roulette game is played on a standard wheel with numbers. However, the American wheel has been given a spin with additional colors being added onto it. The numbers are assigned two colors. The outer colors use the standard black, red and green and the inner colors are a mixture of rainbow colors. The game is played in five easy steps:

  1. Players can choose between betting on the standard bets or bet on the inner colors.
  2. Make your bet on the table
  3. The dealer or stimulator will spin the wheel
  4. Wait for the ball to land on a number and color
  5. Should the ball land in a pocket that matches your bet, you win!

Riverboat Roulette Wheel Explained

Riverboat Roulette: Wheel Explained

The multicolored wheel does not change the gameplay although it adds more possibility for players to make money. The roulette wheel has the traditional set up of an American roulette wheel. It has even black and red numbers as well as the green 0 and 00. The wheel then has a multicolored secondary wheel. Both wheels turn and are connected with every spin. When the wheel stops spinning the ball will land on a number either on a red or black pocket as well as another color.

Secondary Wheel Colors

An interesting factor of the riverboat roulette wheel is that the colors and frequency of numbers stay the same across casinos and can be broken down as such:

Colour Frequency Numbers
White 8 1, 2, 9, 10, 13, 14, 27 and 28
Orange 5 4, 16, 21, 23 and 33
Blue 5 3, 15, 22, 24 and 34
Purple 4 7, 11, 20 and 30
Pink 4 8, 12, 19, 29
Teal 3 5, 17, 32
Yellow 3 6, 18, 31
Red 2 25 and 36
Black 2 26 and 35
Green 2 0 and 0


Riverboat Roulette Strategy

The game nuances are the same as you would find in any other roulette game. Roulette is a game of chance rather than skill. The secondary wheels offer players a better chance of winning. Betting on blue or orange is extremely favorable considering the frequency. The same goes with all the other colors besides the white. If you make a bet on a color and the ball lands in the white pocket you will lose the bet. However, it will be a push if you bet on color and the ball lands any other colors besides white. So, if you bet on Pink and the ball lands on blue it will be a push and you will not win or lose your bet.

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