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Updated on: April 24th, 2022

money themed slotsSlots are often associated with wealth, luxury, and riches. Thus, it is unsurprising that one of the most popular themes for these games is money. So popular is the theme that many sub-categories of money-themed slots have been created.

Sure, you can play the average game that uses cash symbols and is rather crass in overall its presentation of wealth. Or, you can play one of the many money-inspired games, including raiding mummy’s tombs for gold or seeking out booty as a pirate. The opportunities do seem endless when you play online.

If you would like to experience the excitement of living like a high roller before actually winning a large cash prize, stick around. Below we have a look at the top five money-themed slots you should play.

Each of these games will make you feel like you are sipping on champagne and driving fancy cars. They will also allow you to make those dreams come true. We also provide you with a list of online casinos that will enable you to try these games if you are interested. So, what are you waiting for?

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Top 5 Money-Themed Slots

5. Mister Money (Realtime Gaming)

Like For Love and Money, Realtime Gaming’s Mister Money slot game is exactly the prettiest. Visuals look like an old 1970s cartoon that has been touched up slightly with modern technology. But you’ll be able to forgive such misgivings when you find out that you can win up to 100x your bet if you land five wilds on a single payline.

Also, several bonus modes in Mister Money will either gift you more winnings or more chances to win. So, overall, it seems like a pretty solid game to play if you are looking for some relatively easy wins. Even though it uses the overdone “playboy with tons of money to spend trope.”

4. For Love and Money (Rival)

For Love and Money is a slot game produced by Rival. The player takes on the role of an author who turns a 99c romance novel that you would find on a convenience store rack into a best-seller.

We’ll be honest; the game’s art seems a bit laughable. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that, like the author in this game, you could earn yourself a big payout if you are lucky. All you need is to land five Writer symbols on a payline to win 5000x your bet.

If you can handle the corny imagery, we recommend that you give this five-reel, 15 payline game a go. You probably won’t find love, but there’s a chance you’ll win yourself a nice sum of money.

money slot games

3.Cash Bandits (Realtime Gaming)

Cash Bandits is one of Realtime Gaming’s most famous slot games. In this game, you take on the role of a bank robber trying to secure himself a big score. As such, there is ample opportunity to win some prizes.

If you are a high roller, you probably won’t be impressed by the game’s bet size and total jackpot. However, Cash Bandits is a low volatility game when you play on lower bet levels, so you have a chance of winning if you’re committed to small bets.

Also, the game has some impressive bonus features that could see you win up to 190 free spins in a game session. And, nothing is better than robbing a casino by winning a prize with a bet you didn’t have to pay for.

2. Charms & Clovers (Betsoft)

Traditional Irish folklore states that at the end of every rainbow is a pot of gold. Betsoft’s Charms & Clovers takes the money slot theme and runs with it in a fantastic slot game filled with bonus features and winning opportunities!

The game is a 6-reel, 40-payline video slot with a bet size that is adjustable to fit the wallets of both low and high rollers. The biggest amount you can win is 10,000x your bet if you land six wild symbols on a payline. If you bet max, this could mean winning a prize of up to $200,000 provided the progressive jackpot has reached that size.

If that’s not enough, the beautiful imagery will also make you feel like you live in a magical fairy tale land where anything is possible. And, who knows; maybe you’ve got the luck of the Irish?

1. Gold Canyon (Betsoft)

Gold Canyon is a slot game that makes use of a “Wild West” theme. If there is anything that the Wild West is famous for, it is making ordinary people instant millionaires during the 19th century Gold Rush.

The game has a slightly high house edge for an online slot game at 3.87%. But the rewards on offer in this game are too attractive. After all, you could win up to 4774.80x on a single spin. And with the game featuring a medium to low volatility, there is a chance that you could win big prizes.

So, the next time you visit a Betsoft casino, make sure you take some time to pan some gold in the West and etch your name in the history books!

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