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Bonnie Evans | April 26, 2022 | Updated on: February 14th, 2024

Voucher Payments
Voucher casino deposits and withdrawals is one of the many ways in which you can bank at casinos today. It might not be a popular choice, but its certainly a great alternative to the other banking methods found at casinos.

If you haven’t used vouchers before then you might be interested in knowing how they work, and what the process is to make deposits and withdrawals using this method. We’ve got all that information for you below, keep reading.

Online Casinos That Accept Vouchers

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What is a Voucher Payment Method?

Making voucher payments essentially refers to using voucher codes to facilitate a financial transaction. It functions unlike any other payment method because it lets you buy account balances from other players, and similarly allows you to sell your own balances to other people. The issue is that online casinos don’t typically accept P2P payments so you would need the help of services like Cash App to see the payment through. All balance transactions between players happen privately.

Your next question might be well where do I find vouchers that are up for sale, or where do I find players who are selling their account balances? Your best bet is to visit casino community pages. There you will find vouchers that are up for sale, and you will meet other players from your casino. Casino community pages are monitored by casinos themselves which means it’s a safe space and you can trust all transactions to be safe.

Voucher Deposits

How to Make a Voucher Deposit

The first step to depositing using the voucher method is to buy another player’s account balance first. You must buy a voucher in the amount that you wish to deposit. Here’s how you do this:

  1. Login to your casino account. For the sake of this example, lets assume that you are playing at Bovada Casino.
  2. Then, navigate your way to the Bovada community page and look for a voucher code in the amount that you would like to deposit. The person you are buying the voucher code from will list all the payment methods that they accept. This may include PayPay, Cash App and other services.
  3. Read through the terms of the transaction and make sure that you agree with everything that is stipulated. Once you’ve done this, you can go ahead and pay the seller.
  4. Once the seller has received payment, he/she will then send you the voucher code via messaging or email.
  5. When you have the voucher code, you can finalize everything by visiting the casinos cashier section, selecting the voucher option, inserting the code and clicking the relevant button. Your account should be credited almost immediately and the nice thing about voucher deposits is that there are no service fees.

How To Make Voucher Withdrawals

You can also make withdrawals using the voucher system at casinos. The process of withdrawing is like making deposits. We get into this next.

  1. To request a payout, you must go back to the casinos cashier section and click on “withdrawals” citing vouchers as your preferred withdrawal method.
  2. The casino will then use the email address that is registered with your account to email you your voucher code.
  3. Once you’ve received your code, you’ll return to the casinos community page and list your voucher, the amount and the P2P banking methods that you prefer.
  4. In the same way, a buyer will then contact you and both parties must agree on the terms of the sale before finalizing payment.
  5. You (the seller) will then receive payment in exchange for the voucher code. This is the final step.

You can keep your P2P account for future transactions. Or you can move it to a debit/credit card account that’s already linked to your casino account. You can also deposit whatever is in the account to your normal bank account and save it there. Alternatively, just withdraw your funds in cash at an ATM machine.

Voucher Payments: Pros and Cons

There are advantages and disadvantages that come with using a payment method like this at casinos. And it’s in your interest to know exactly what kind of rewards or setbacks you should expect when you choose the voucher system.


  • Voucher system payments offer same day payouts making it one of the quickest payment methods at casinos.
  • There are also no fees attached to using this method which is a great saving opportunity.
  • You get to interact with community members who play at the same casino.


  • The process of finding a buyer and seller can be exhausting.
  • Your funds are limited to the voucher amount. You can’t easily top up like you can if you used your debit/credit card.


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