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Bonnie Evans | January 4, 2023 | Updated on: May 23rd, 2024

best online craps real money usaOnline Craps real money is a table game that has been played in casinos for years. It is one of the more challenging gambling games but playing any online real money craps game properly can cut the house advantage considerably. Especially when you are playing at craps online gambling sites.

With online craps for money, the dice uses craps simulator software. The results are random with a great expected return on odd bets.  Use our guide to learn all there is to know about the craps table layout, online craps betting, rules and strategy.

Play Craps Online Real Money in 2024

A listing of the 2024 best online craps real money casinos that accept US players can be found featured below. Use Visa, MasterCard, and Amex (in some cases) to make secure and reliable deposits. Look out for the welcome bonus to boost your bankroll.

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Real Money Craps Games

Real money crap is one of the casino games that have the lowest house edge, great odds and bonus. It also does not require skill and complex strategies to play online and make money. Knowing the craps table and the basic wager are things that a player should know when interested in playing for real money.

The online variation uses a random number generator since there is no live dealer. This ensures that when you play the game it s riandom.

When you play real money games, you will experience the thrill of a live casino in the comfort of your home. Simply sign up at any of the gambling sites we have mentioned above, fund your casino account, and start playing.

Craps Rules

Craps rules and betting systems are fairly easy to understand, and players will be ready to play in no time! The craps casino game for real money is played with a pair of dice. Rounds of play are conducted with rolls of these dice, and the player who is throwing the dice is called the “shooter.”

Basically, you are betting on what will happen as a result of what the shooter does. In the online variation, there are similarities, except that there is a consistent shooter, the program itself executes all the rolls of the dice. You are the player at the table, betting on all those rolls. Important points to remember in caps are:

  1. Starting every round is a “come-out roll,” which establishes the “point.” This is the basis on which the game proceeds. You will then make a “Pass” or “Don’t Pass” bet.
  2. If a 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, then the shooter “craps out,” and if you’ve made a Pass line bet, you lose. With a 7 or 11 as the come-out roll, you’ll win big with a Pass line bet.
  3. All of the other numbers that can be rolled by the shooter are ‘point” numbers. This group of numbers includes 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If one of these point numbers gets rolled again before the shooter rolls a seven, your Pass bet wins. If the opposite happens, and a seven gets rolled BEFORE the point, your Pass bet will lose.
  4. Craps online practice are a great way to learn the game nuances and odds bet Although, this is not a gameplay rule, it an essential factor to remember.

Play Craps for Real Money

When playing craps for real money, a good basis would be to learn by playing for free because there is no risk of losing real money. Once you practice playing teh game of craps and know how to play craps  then, you are ready to play craps real money online.

When playing craps for fun, US gamblers will be familiar with the craps strategy simulator, and real craps online rules. Claim the casino bonus for more game time and to possibly boost your chances of winning.

Craps Online Practice: Craps Game Online Bets

The craps table can be overwhelming because there are so many bets that players can wager on. Understanding the table and the different basic bets will make playing craps online for real money easy. Take advantage of free practice options before you play for real money.

When you practice craps online free, you will be able to practice the craps table. This will give you a well-rounded experience to learn craps and understand the game better. Some of the known craps online US bets are below:

Pass Bets

Pass bets are fundamental bets where the bet is placed on the pass line on a come out roll. Should the come out roll be 7 or 11, you will win even money. You will the bet if the come out is 2,3 or 12.

Come Bets

The come bet is mathematically the same as a pass line bet. Where the pass line bet allows you to bet at any time, which is not the come out roll. As in the pass line bet, the players can take odds on the come to the point.

Don’t Pass

Don’t Pass bets are the opposite of the pass line bet. The player will lose their bet is 7 and 11 are rolled out. If the come out roll is 2, 3, and you win the bet. A 12 is known as a push.

Don’t Come

The don’t come bet sounds like a bet you wouldn’t want to play however, the bet has a low house edge and is one of the easier bets to understand. Don’t come bets are placed when the point for the pass line has been established.

Place six and Place 8

The big six and big 8 bets are bets player will place that with the number six or eight will be rolled before seven is rolled.  The best are found at either end of the craps table.

Hardways Bet

Hardways are typically made in the center of the table. The hardways are four numbers – 4, 6, number 8, and the number 10. In order to roll a hardway, the casino player must roll and get an exact pair of numbers.

Other combinations of six will be considered to be easy or soft. If the number comes soft or easy, that bet is considered a loser.

craps online real money usa

Live casino craps

These days, if players want to experience playing casino games with an actual dealer without visiting a land-based casino, it is possible. Players can now enjoy live games in the comfort of their homes or on your mobile device. Many of the best craps gambling sites have the technology to be able to offer the game live.

Craps players will live stream craps with a dealer at a studio. However, there is no live online craps casino with free games. You will be able to enjoy the best online craps for real money that is automated and uses a random number generator for the dice outcomes.

Craps Betting Strategy

Here, in brief, are some craps gambling tips that can help you stand a better chance in craps real money games.

  • Learn the frequency of all the combinations that can be rolled.
  • Be completely conversant with the procedure by which the game is played.
  • Master the various bets. Start with the Pass and Don’t Pass bets!
  • Be familiar with how to “buy” an online craps number.
  • Know about all kinds of odds as they are referred to in the game.
  • Understand what the payoffs on each different bet are, and how they relate to the odds of winning at craps. In other words, gauge the value of each different type of wager.

Play Craps Online Free Vs Real Money Craps

You have the choice to play free or real money table games online. Most new online casinos offer these options and allow you to create an account to have access to both options. Play for free to test your skills and to also better understand the casino craps table.

In that way, when you finally play craps for money in real time, you fully understand the game and the various craps betting strategy to improve your chances of winning.

What’s more, you can use the free online craps trainer, which is similar to the free craps to improve your craps gambling skills. Use the casino bonuses to also improve your chances if of winning and becoming a high roller.

Craps Games Online FAQs

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