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Bonnie Evans | January 4, 2023 | Updated on: May 23rd, 2024

Online Video Poker for Real MoneyOnline Video poker is a game that comes in many variations in an online casino. It is fun, fast-moving, and can pay off with big jackpots. When you play video poker online you can get a Return to Player (RTP) of over 99%. However, to get the best online video poker odds possible, you’ll need to learn and understand the online video poker strategy.

If you are interested in video poker online for real money, read through our guide. In our guide, we cover gameplay, odds, payouts, and where to play online.

Play Video Poker Online

You can find a listing of the 2024 best video poker sites that accept US players below. Use Visa, MasterCard, and Amex (in some cases) to make secure and reliable deposits.

Bonus up to:
100 Free Spins
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97% Win Rate
Bonus up to:
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No deposit required to claim the 100 free spins
98% Win Rate
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Deposit $10 or more to claim and use bonus code WELCOME1.
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Deposit $30 or more to claim the bonus.
98.77% Win Rate
Bonus up to:
100% match bonus
based on first deposit of $10+. Additional bonuses.
98.22% Win Rate
Welcome Offer:
Bonus for New Players
Min dep: $10 Neosurf, $20 BTC, $20 LTC, $20 ETH, $20 BNB, $20 XRP, $20 DOGE, $20 Flexepin, $30 Credit Card, $40 USDT.
98.28% Win Rate

How to Play Online Video Poker

Using our guide, you can learn to play real money video poker like a pro in no time. We have a step by step how to play video poker guide that you can easily follow to play the game in no time.

Below is a concise step by step on how to play the best video poker games:

  • Find the best online video poker casino.
  • Sign up for a real money account.
  • Make a deposit into the account.
  • Claim the welcome bonus.
  • Start playing the best video poker online.

Real Money Video Poker

Playing online video poker for real money is simple. However, there are complicated strategies that players need to learn if they want to improve their chances of winning. If you are interested in playing video poker real money you must find the best real money video poker casinos. Sign up for a video poker for real money account and claim the welcome bonuses.

You simply win real money by having a hand that matches the hands on the pay table. Your best real money video poker play or hand can also be over the hand on the pay table to win. Some game titles offer better winning odds than others, be sure to choose one wisely when playing video poker real money.

Online Casino Video Poker Rules

Video poker casino games, as we mentioned, come with many variations. Most of these variations concern the rank of hands in relation to various payouts, or wild cards that might be in play. For example, in the variation “Deuces Wild,” the two (2) or “Deuce” is wild, meaning that it can be used to complete winning combinations. In other video poker games, the two mean very little unless it is part of a straight or flush.

Generally speaking, each variation has a different paytable and video poker rules. The paytable lists the winning hands you could have and what the payout for achieving that hand is. A Natural Royal Flush is the most lucrative hand. Because, it consists of a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suit, without any help from wild cards.

The rules of video poker are simple. First, you must decide on a bet amount and then click the “deal” button. At that point, you will be dealt five cards. Keep the cards you want with the “Hold” option and which ones you are going to let go of.

You press the “Hold” button in front of the cards you’re keeping. The program gives you as many new cards as you discarded, and then the hand plays out. Read our video poker rules guide for a detailed explanation of the rules of the game.

Types of Video Poker Online

The online video poker slot machine comes in different variations. Most, games are video poker games free download and instant play. Each online video poker variation has its rules, and you will need to know what they are before playing.

See the different types of video poker below:

  • Deuces Wild – The deuces are the wild symbol on this online video poker variation. A standard 52-card deck is used for this game. However, the payouts are not that great.
  • Jacks or Better– one of the simplest video poker games to play and the most popular amongst players. You win the game when you have jacks or better in your cards.
  • Joker Poker – This game uses a 53-card deck which includes the joker card. The joker will act as wild and complete winning combinations.
  • Tens or Better– this video poker variation has a smaller payout that offers a lot of possibilities to make winning combinations. You will need to have tens or better for winning combination.
  • Aces and Faces – this type of video poker is a variation of jacks or better. The difference is that the four of a kind hand with aces and faces has a high payout. The game also uses a standard 52-deck card.
  • Double Double Bonus – also known as DDB, double double bonus poker is the most popular game because of the extra bonus payoff.
  • Double Bonus – a variation of bonus poker, this game offers a high payout for the four of a kind hand.

Online Video Poker USA

Best Online Video Poker Tips

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your online video poker games sessions:

  • DO NOT over-bet in relation to your bankroll. That’s the fastest way to go broke.
  • It is essential that you check the pay tables to make sure that you know the value of all the winning combinations. You will find a paytable at the top of the interface of any real money video poker game.
  • Make sure you have a good reason to break up possible flushes or straights. Those are well-paying winning hands if they hit.
  • You can certainly use an “AutoPlay” function for the game itself to make the “Hold” decisions for you.
  • Similar to free slots, you can play video poker for free to test out how the games work. This helps you learn how to better play your hands.

You can also read our video poker tips guide to find other tips that can help you play the game better.

Online Video Poker Real Money USA: Strategy

Certainly, the basis of any best video poker strategy is to try and keep cards that can help you. And, get rid of cards that can’t help you. In a game of Jacks or Better you’re not going to hold onto a two (2) in the hopes of making a pair. That pair doesn’t matter.

On the other hand, if you’re playing Deuces Wild, those 2’s are gold. So, you are certainly not going to get rid of them.

Many people remember playing five-card draw in casual home games, and the principles are the same in many types of video poker. However, players who are just getting started with real money video poker casino games, you can turn on an automation program. This depends on the software provider, and it will make a mathematically sound decision.

Best Video Poker Odds

When playing casino games, players are always interested in the best odds, and the same applies to video poker. Video poker is known for having the best house edge. So, it can be considered as one of the best casino games to play at casino websites.

Improve your chances of winning by using a proper video poker strategy. The video poker variations have different odds and even higher returns when using a strategy.

Free Online Video Poker Games

Playing video poker can be a fun experience especially in the various ways that you can enjoy it. There is the option to play free video poker no download. This means that you will be playing the free video poker online without risking money and downloading any software. The money you will receive when you play video poker online free will not have any real money returns.

Another way to enjoy the games is by downloading the game software on your desktop computer. Or, download the app onto your mobile phone to enjoy anytime.

Best Video Poker Game to Play

Mobile Video Poker

These days our favorite video poker games are optimized to be accessible on mobile phones and smartphones. Mobile video poker games combine the convenience of mobile gambling with the high-stakes action of live casino play. There is an option to play the game directly from your mobile web browser or from a real money video poker app.

On your web browser, you can play mobile video poker in seconds. However, the graphics are not good compared to video poker apps. That’s what you will enjoy when you play at the best mobile video poker.

The benefits of playing the best mobile video poker are the same as when playing from a desktop computer. That includes the bonuses that the best mobile video poker sites reward their poker players. So, their gaming experience is not that different but mobile gaming is a great advantage.

FAQs About Online Video Poker for Money

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