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Bonnie Evans | January 4, 2023 | Updated on: May 23rd, 2024

play real money online keno usaOnline Keno is easy to play and does not require an advanced strategy to enjoy. Best of all, there are lucrative payoffs for winning, making it worthwhile to play keno online.

When learning how to play keno, we always recommend playing online keno free first. That way, you can learn the rules while practicing your keno strategy.

So, how do you play online keno for real money in the USA? Read our guide to find out. Also, find a list of the best online keno for real money sites.

Best Keno Online Real Money Casinos

A listing of the best keno online real money casinos that accept US players are featured below. Use Visa, MasterCard, and Amex (in some cases) to make secure and reliable deposits. Play Online Keno & Win Real Money at the following casinos.

Bonus up to:
100 Free Spins
No deposit required to claim the 100 free spins
97% Win Rate
Bonus up to:
100 Free Spins
No deposit required to claim the 100 free spins
98% Win Rate
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Bonus for New Players
Deposit $10 or more to claim and use bonus code WELCOME1.
98% Win Rate
Welcome Offer:
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Deposit $30 or more to claim the bonus.
98.77% Win Rate
Bonus up to:
100% match bonus
based on first deposit of $10+. Additional bonuses.
98.22% Win Rate
Welcome Offer:
Bonus for New Players
Min dep: $10 Neosurf, $20 BTC, $20 LTC, $20 ETH, $20 BNB, $20 XRP, $20 DOGE, $20 Flexepin, $30 Credit Card, $40 USDT.
98.28% Win Rate

Online Keno Gambling: How to Play

Real money keno online is an easy game to play, especially if you are familiar and have played lottery games before. Follow these five easy steps to play real money keno games.

  1. Select the real money keno online game.
  2. Choose any number between 1 and 80.
  3. Decide on how much you want to bet per draw.
  4. Choose how many games you want to play.
  5. Click on play wait for the winning numbers draw.

Online Keno Games: Rules

Despite an association with an older demographic, the game has changed the status quo with the ability to play at a much faster pace. The casino game appeals to players who want to play more games over a shorter period. When brushing up on the online keno rules, be sure to keep the below in mind.

  • The keno board accommodates numbers ranging from 1 to 80. You get the chance to mark up your own “card” with fifteen different numbers.
  • The paytable is usually in plain view. It will tell you how much you will win, depending on how many numbers you “hit.”
  • A random number generator will draw twenty numbers. You have to match as many of the numbers on your card to the drawn numbers.
  • Remember that you can control the speed of the game.


best usa keno guide


Online Keno Strategy

The question of which online keno strategy works is a very interesting one. There isn’t a technique by that will guarantee a better mathematical chance of winning with keno drawing being random. You can attempt to track the numbers based on past results.

Bankroll management is the top opportunity to get the most out of real money keno online games. Use decent money management principles to decide how many real money keno games do you want to play? How much are you going to wager? Multiply that by the two, and that is your budget.

You should not bank on winning money all the time. If that happens, take it as a bonus from the greatest keno sites.

Online Keno USA: Play Live Keno

When you play live keno online, you are up against with other keno players in regularly scheduled drawings. The keno live rules and live keno rules are the same. What’s more, the house edge and payouts are the same as RNG operated games.

In keno live, you will pick numbers 1 to 10. The numbers range between 1 until 80 and twenty balls get drawn randomly. If there is a match from the chosen spots, then a prize is paid out. Usually, the scheduled draws for keno games happen every two minutes. You will get a two-minute playing period.

You can also enjoy the live game on a keno live app. Most mobile keno games are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices. The draws also happen every couple of minutes.



online keno real money usa

Keno Online Betting: Tips

Here are some basic tips on playing the game of chance. Enjoy the game of keno at top casino sites by following these helpful keno betting tips:

  • Become completely conversant with the way the real money keno game is played. Keep in mind that the more numbers you play, the more money you’ll wager.
  • Keno Online is played at a faster pace than at land-based casinos. You are not forced to adhere to that pace. Play at a pace that works for you.
  • When tracking past keno numbers, be aware of which provider, game, and the draw date. Microgaming’s version of the video keno is usually pretty good for this.
  • Understand how much money you’re going to be putting at risk, and budget your money accordingly.
  • Always remember that keno is a game of luck, and you may not win all the time when you choose to play.

Keno Numbers That Hit the Most

Many players like you often ask what are the most hit numbers in keno. These are the most common numbers to be drawn. There is no way to guarantee that the single number will appear in every draw there are great number to remember.

There are also several numbers that are hardly drawn. Knowing these numbers will help you make better bets. The least drawn numbers are 78, 3, 58, 44, 16 and 3. Players can make use of the lottery frequency chart online. It shows how many times a number has been drawn. This is in the last 10, 50 or 100 games.

Here is a list of the most hit numbers:

Most Drawn Keno NumberRankNumber of times hit in last 50 draws


Keno Online Free

Most web-based keno sites offer both free online keno and real money keno online games. Playing real money keno games can be more exciting. Comparatively, free keno online is a great way to learn the game nuances.

Free keno games to play do not require players to use real money to play. Players can also use free real keno games, the keno game rules and the casino keno strategy. You will also be able to understand and familiarize yourself with the keno software. Once you have played keno online free play, you can develop your strategy from the mistakes that you may have made.

You be ready to try your luck and play keno online for real money. You will be comfortable to play keno for real money because you understand how the game works. What’s more, keno games for real money gives you the chance to win big jackpots that can change your life.

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