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Bonnie Evans | January 4, 2023 | Updated on: May 23rd, 2024

128x128 Free Online Lottery For Real MoneyPlaying online lottery games is fun and super easy. There is a variety of games to play including the popular Mega Millions and USA Powerball. There are also other lottery-style games like scratch cards and keno. Some casinos even offer an online lottery app that you can download to play.

Continue reading for more information about the various state lotteries. You will also find information about how to play online lottery games and much more. Visit any of the sites we recommend to play a free online lottery for real money and stand to win the top prize.

Best Online Lottery Sites 2024

Our casinos are among the most reliable in the industry. Each site supports responsible gambling and is regulated by a trusted lottery corporation. Our casinos are tested for fairness, safety, and service to make your lotto USA experience the best.

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Online Lottery Games for Real Money

80x80 Online Lottery Games For Real Money

The best part about lotto online is the different lottery games available in the country and internationally. We’ve mentioned the two most popular ones below, but many other games exist like: lotto max, daily grand, and lotto 6/49. To play these games at our sites you must be at least 18 years old.

Mega Millions

Mega Millions tickets use six numbers to play and are drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays. Choose five playing numbers ranging from 1-70 and a Mega ball from a pool of 25. Your selection has to match 5 Mega Millions and Mega Ball of that draw which could see you win the big jackpot. If you aren’t confident in your choice, you can also opt for an automated generated selection called the Easy Pick.

Play USA Powerball

To play US Powerball and win, you need to match your number selection to a random array of five white balls from a range of 1-69 and a red ball is from a pool of 26. A Quick Pick option is available for a computerized number selection. The Powerball is one of the best lottery online games as there are nine ways to win and the major jackpot starts at $40 million.

Most of the time when players are interested in playing the lotto, they want to play for real money so they can win real cash. As a result, there are many online lottery casinos where US players are able to play a lotto game with real money and win real cash. There are also many types of lottery games to choose from.

However, before you can even start playing lotto games, make sure to choose a real money lottery site that is safe and regulated. This will help you enjoy your gaming without worrying about being cheated.

Lottery USA

80x80 Online Lottery Games

The United States consists of 52 states altogether and about twelve out of the 52 states provide lottery games across every platform. This includes selling tickets online legally, subscriptions, and instant scratch-offs. Having the sale of lottery tickets online took a while to be approved by law, fortunately, the list of states beginning to offer the service online is gradually increasing.

To purchase your lottery ticket in either of these states, you can either physically visit a participating retailer, or you can visit the state’s official lottery website and buy the ticket(s) online. Players are able to take part in state-level lotteries or major multi-state lottery drawings like Powerball and Mega Millions. The prize pools in the latter two lotteries are much larger than the cash prizes offered at state level lotteries.

There are a number of draw games that players can enjoy in New Jersey. Some of them include fast play, pick 3,4, and 6 as well as Powerball and mega millions.

You can also buy scratch-off cards. This state lottery hosts a number of events and has lots of promotions for players to benefit from. The lottery also regularly posts recent winners on its official site.


Pennsylvania lottery has many lottery-type games that players can enjoy like Potion Payout and Jungle Tumble. The list of draw games in the state includes the popular one’s Mega millions and Powerball. There are also daily lottery promotions and a dedicated VIP Club for players to join.

Michigan Lottery

The Michigan online lottery industry is quite active. Players are offered over 50 lottery-type casino games. You can also go online and purchase a lotto ticket for Powerball, Mega Millions, scratch cards, lotto 47, and fantasy 5.

California Lottery

Online lottery California is another exciting for those living in the state. The state offers draw games like Daily 3, Daily 4, Fantasy 5, Mega Millions, and Powerball. Scratchers games are also popular and come in various themes and prizes.

North Dakota

The North Dakota online lottery website sells tickets via the site as well as on mobile phones through a service called Click and Pick. The state also has a lottery app that you can use to purchase tickets. You can buy tickets for lotto America, Mega millions, Powerball, and Lucky for life.

NY Lottery

Online lottery NY is another exciting option. There are tons of draw games for players to enjoy like Cash4Life, Numbers, Win4, Take 5, and quick draw. Powerball and Mega millions is of course available too. You can visit the official site for a better view on what’s offered.

Other USA lotteries include:

  • Ohio Lottery
  • North Carolina Lottery
  • Kentucky Lottery
  • Georgia Lottery
  • New Hampshire Lottery
  • Illinois Lottery
  • Florida lottery
  • Texas lottery

It’s worth mentioning that Minnesota did have an online lottery back in 2015 but was voted out through legislature later. The state of Delaware, on the other hand, doesn’t sell lottery tickets on the internet but it does manage a few games at web-based casinos in the state.

Buy Online Lottery Tickets

Buying a lottery ticket is simple and self-explanatory once you’re on the site itself. But, there are a few things you need to be aware of when purchasing tickets. See the points below:

  • You must be situated within that state to buy an online lottery ticket or even play its games.
  • The state prefers that you be a resident to take part. This could mean that if you live in Virginia, you can’t buy tickets from the Georgia lottery.
  • Lottery websites use geolocation technology to ensure that whoever is buying the ticket or playing the game is physically in that state. Attempts to purchase tickets when you aren’t within the borders of that state will be blocked.

USA Lottery Online: How to Play

80x80 Online Lottery Result

Many may be familiar with the traditional method of buying lottery tickets from an authorized reseller or local convenience stores. Online lotteries are no different. Playing the lottery online makes winning more accessible, fun, and could be the best way to play real money winning lotto online games.

Once you have bought your real online lottery ticket, select your numbers from the screen. When you are sure about your selection, click ‘buy’ to lock in your entry. Winning numbers are randomly selected.

Should your number selection match the winning numbers, you win. A big part of playing the US lottery online is picking out the best site to play. Players have to be aware of the US gambling laws and where the lottery stands in their state.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play lottery online games:

  •  1: Sign up at the best online lottery sites in the USA
  •  2: Choose to play the US lotto online
  •  3: Select the lottery game you want to play
  •  4: Choose your numbers
  •  5: Check the results
  •  6: Claim your winnings if you got lucky

Best Online Lottery: Tips

80x80 Online Lottery App

Even though there are no strategies on how to win the lottery there are a few lottery tips that you can use to optimize your play. This won’t guarantee a win but it will give you a better chance of winning. Here are some of the US lotto online tips:

  • Study the patterns of previous draws to find out which numbers are picked often. Base your next number selection on that information. However, do keep in mind that numbers are always picked randomly.
  • Play games that have seven numbers and less. These games have better odds.
  • If you are unsure about the numbers that you want to pick, opt for Quickpick which randomly selects numbers on your behalf.
  • Play at sites that have loyalty programs because you can redeem points for lottery tickets.
  • If your budget allows, buy more than one lottery ticket, and choose different numbers on the tickets. This gives you better odds of winning.

Free Online Lottery

Internet casinos offer players the opportunity to play USA lotteries for free. Lottery games give you a chance to win and it won’t cost you a thing. Simply pick six numbers from a choice of 75, or you can have them randomly generated for you. Playing free could help you work on your strategies and increase your chances of winning.

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American Lottery Online: How do I Win?

  • Play with the smallest number of fields. These games have the lowest odds and are easier to win.
  • Keep track of numbers which appear more than others. This trick will give you an idea on which numbers are hot and which are cold. There is not much validity to this theory; however, people seem to believe that if a number hasn’t appeared in a while, it is set to drop soon.
  • Pick a strategy that works for you.

USA Lotto FAQs

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