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Margaret Cooper | December 17, 2019 | Updated on: May 30th, 2022

Casino Safety

Being familiar with casino safety places you in better standing on how you should be proactive in protecting yourselves while betting. Whether you choose to spend your money at five-star hotel-casinos, massive casinos or at a bar casino the security has to be tight. Sure, the flashing casino lights will dazzle you, and the slot machine sound will start to sound like money into your wallet. However, players have to be responsible for their own safety before taking the casino word on how safe it.

Casino-safety-measuresWe do apologize in advance as it is not our intention to instill fear. We are merely trying to ensure that all US gamblers develop situational awareness when in American casino environments. Internet casinos have been deemed to be the safer gambling option; however, that shouldn’t mean that you can’t visit land-based casinos once in a while. We have put together a couple of tips to help you stay safe when you and your friends take a trip down to Vegas.

Safe and Regulated Casino Sites

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Casino Safety Measures

Security Personnel

Casino security is regarded as an essential part of the casino floor team. The security personnel have to protect the casino property and look after the casino guest. The job is mentally and physically taxing. The casino security is also available to walk players to their cars upon request.


Another way that casinos use as safety measures is an eye in the sky. Casinos use digital cameras to see what happens on casino floors as well see players’ faces. The casino uses the camera surveillance to pinpoint players who have been banned from the casino or lookout for high rollers.

Personal Casino Safety

There are a number of things that can happen to gamblers while inside casinos. The casino in itself has put up safety measures but players have to also look out of themselves.

Protect the dollars

We all love winning, and we never really think about whether or not there are thieves in our midst. Always place your wallet in hard to access spots such as your front pocket rather than a back pocket. Take a small purse that can be worn close to the body and under a jacket. Look after your chips, remember chips are money and work as such.

Safe Parking

Casino Valet parking is free and available to all visitors. Making use of the valet will cost you a couple of dollars, but it will keep you out of dingy parking spots in the late hours of the night. Another advantage is you will be able to walk to and from the front door without any worries.

Bring a friend

Imagine playing slots while being guarded by a friend you can trust. Invite a friend who can stay alert and have your back while you face the slot and bet. This will not only put you at ease, but it will make the experience oh-so-much better.

Casino Security

Casino Safety Online

Online gambling may be safer than playing at a brick and mortar casino however there is a number of things that players have to be aware of when playing online

Play at Safe and regulated casinos

Players have to ensure that they are paying at secure web-based casinos. Be sure to look out for the casino’s licencing and regulatory information, legislation, casino software and ‘about us’ page. A top tip to remember when checking if a website is secure is to check the URL. There should be an ‘s’ at the end of the ‘http’ part of the URL. The ‘s’ stands for secure.


A regulated casino will offer players various payout methods such as American Express, Master Card, Visa, Ewallet and cryptocurrencies. Players should play at safe casinos that offer banking methods that are suited and convenient to be the player.

Be safe

Here are five ways to ensure that you protect yourself when playing online.

  • Set a good password
  • Change your password regularly
  • Make use of the two-step verification passwords
  • Use the security questions
  • Check your banking statements for unauthorized payments

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