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Bonnie Evans | May 27, 2022 | Updated on: February 13th, 2024

Are there casinos in Georgia? In a simple answer, no, there are no casinos in Georgia. That is correct. The state has no land-based casinos, and the gambling laws in the state are as strict as in many American states. The great news is the state has not entirely shut down talks of having a casino in the state; however, the current Governor, Brian Kemp is a gambling opponent. Gamblers who live in Georgia or are planning on visiting Georgia will have to find refuge in boarding states that offer legal gambling.

Casinos in Georgia USANot all is lost in the lack of casinos in Georgia. Punters in the state can take in the lottery and help fund specific educations programs in the state. Not only will you be in the running to win life-changing amounts of money, but you will also send a child to college. Any kind of gambling that is not raffles, bingo or the lottery could see punters get fined or jail time. This includes the running of any legal online website within state borders. To avoid spending time behind bars using our gambling guide. Find all the information you need to know about gambling in Georgia as well as where you can play a game of baccarat without having to worry about committing a felony.

Top Web Casinos in Georgia

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Gambling Laws in Georgia

Most Gambling is illegal in the state of Georgia with the lottery, bingo and raffles being the only games that are being permitted in the state. Where bingo is involved, no payout may be more than 3000 US dollars, and bingo can only be used as a fundraising effort. Persons who are found being involved in any commercial gambling will be fined a maximum of $20 000. A fine of $5000 will be issued to any persons who are found to be involved with advertising commercial gambling.

The gambling laws in Georgia prohibit both commercial and tribal casinos making Georgia one of the states without casinos. Internet gambling in the state as strict as in many other US states. No internet gambling establishment in the state and players would like to gambling online would have played at offshore sites. Players will have to be mindful of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Players have to be 18 and over to take part in the lottery. Punters have to be 21 and over to gamble in Georgia casino cruises.

Gambling in the 1800s:

In 1877 the state of Georgia outlawed all types of gambling in the state along with the banning of lottery ticket sales.

Gambling in the 1900s: State Lottery Created

The state lottery was created a while after the legalization of bingo and raffles.

Gambling in the 2000s: Video Poker’s Rise and Fall

The state banned slots and video poker. The Trade Winds Casino Cruise license was revoked. The Governor refused to sign a bill from the legislature that approves a casino that intends on diverting funds into the community college program.

Types of Gambling in Georgia

Due to Georgia not having any legalized casino gambling players have to visit casinos in other states to gamble. Players often search for casinos in Atlanta Georgia, but there aren’t any. In fact, casinos near Atlanta can be found in North Carolina. The casinos are no more than 155 miles away from Atlanta. The riverboat that is permitted in the state offers most casino classics and does not go against the Georgia gambling laws.

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Gambling in Georgia

Regulatory Bodies in Georgia

Gambling in the state of Georgia is regulated by the Commercial Gambling Unit (CGU) under the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Investigative Division. The gambling unit aims to enforce Georgia’s commercial gambling laws. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation also regulates bingo. The Georgia Lottery Corporation is regulatory of the state lottery. The GLC was created in 1992 and has since operated and oversees the lottery.

Land Based Casinos in Georgia USA

The Peach state is one of the few American states with no land-based casinos. That narrows the list of casinos in Georgia to one. The only casino in the state is the Emerald Princess casino cruise sails from Georgia, Brunswick into the international waters where gambling is allowed. Visitors are offered tons of entertainment. The casino is jam-packed with all the classic casino favourites that include bingo, craps, poker, blackjack, roulette and slots. When all the playing is players can spend the night in Golden Isle at one of the recommended hotels or resorts. If you are looking for a brick and mortar casino to play blackjack, we would suggest you look into locating one of the best casinos near Georgia.

Georgia Casinos & Gambling

The Emerald princess casino cruise offers punters and visitors a wide variety of entertainment for only a couple of US dollars. And although there aren’t any casinos in Atlanta, Georgia, there are still a great number of slots to be played on the Emerald cruise.

  • Year Georgia Regulated Gambling – Bingo (1976), Lottery (1992), Video Lottery (2013).
  • Estimated Tax Revenue from Gambling – $918 million.
  • Estimated Gambling Revenue – $1 Billion.
  • Georgia Gambling Age – 18 for lottery and bingo, no minimum age for video lottery.
  • Smoking Ban – only in restaurants that permit minors. Some local jurisdictions ban smoking in video lottery establishments.
  • Georgia Online Gambling – Lottery tickets, including instant games, are sold over the Internet.
Number of regulated casinos1
Number of Horse Tracks0
Number of Table Games17
Number of Slots225
Number of Poker Tables6
Number of Sportsbooks0


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