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Bonnie Evans | January 10, 2023 | Updated on: February 22nd, 2024

Play Live Bet on PokerBet On Poker is a single-deck Texas Hold’em version that can accommodate an endless number of players. You will be competing against the dealer rather than other players during the four betting rounds. The game is less difficult than Texas Hold’em, and you can win by betting on any hand. We walk you through all you need to know about playing live poker bets. You’ll get a full summary of the game’s regulations, a step-by-step guide on how to play, and, last but not least, a fundamental poker strategy section to ensure you’re always placing the optimal bets.

Play Live Bet Poker

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How to Play Live Bet on Poker

The game of Live Bet on Poker is a little different than Texas Hold’em, but the core concept is the same. By employing two cards handed to each betting position and five community cards, the purpose is to gamble on the hand that will produce the highest 5-card poker combination (the Board). Players are rewarded according to odds that are constantly recalculated as the game proceeds, rather than a pot.

The multidimensional betting mechanism and varying odds employed during each hand make Live Dealer Bet on Poker such a unique product. A step-by-step guide to playing Live Bet on poker may be found here.

First Betting Round: Make Your Pre-Deal Bet

You can wager on which position on the table will win before the six two-card hands are dished out. You can wager on which type of hand will emerge victorious. What’s more, you will have the option of betting on one or more player positions or on the value of the winning hand.

Second Betting Round: Pre-Flop Betting Round

The preflop begins after the two-card beginning cards are dealt out. At this point, you may view the hand values for each of the six locations. The player can gamble on the player’s position as well as the outcome of the winning hand. The odds for each player’s position, as well as the odds for the value of the winning hands, will have altered.

Third Betting Round: The Flop

Following that, the game repeats the procedure, dealing out the three-card communal flop and changing the win percentages/payout chances accordingly. Players can place further wagers or simply stand pat after witnessing the flop, giving them the opportunity to gamble on the winner depending on the revised odds.

The turn, the next community card, continues the same pattern. The payout odds will be altered once again once the turn is dealt, and players can place a final gamble on which hand wins.

Fourth Betting Round: The River Card is Revealed

The dealer will disclose the river card to complete the community board and end the hand after the turn card betting round is completed. The winner is determined by the best five-card poker hand among the six spots. All bets placed on that position throughout the hand are paid out at the odds indicated at the time the bet was placed. Bets on any of the tied places will be paid out as winners if there is a tie. In addition, all High Hand wagers on the winning hand are paid out at the right odds.

Live Bet on Poker

Poker Hands And Payouts

Before you begin playing Live Bet on Poker, make sure you are familiar with all of the different poker hands. The paytable for High Hand bets is listed below, and it is arranged in order of poker hand strength:

HandHand ExplainedPayoutHouse edge
Royal FlushA, K, Q, J and 10 in the same suit100 to 198.14%
Straight flushFive successive cards suited100 to 184.36%
Four of a kindFour identical cards80 to 129.01%
Full houseThe of the same card plus a pair8.7 to 14.97%
flushAny five cards from the same suit8.7 to 15.89%
StraightFive consecutive card5.7 to 15.43%
Three of a kindThree equal cards6.8 to 15.42%
Two pairA hand with two pairs3.1 to 15.42%
One pairHand with one pair5.8 to 16.52%
High cardThe highest card in the hand is an A, K100 to 194.72%


Live Bet on Poker Strategy

This form of live dealer poker online has yet to be extensively evaluated as it is a relatively recent addition to the online casino gambling industry. As a result, there is no full-fledged optimal approach for the game.

There is no technique for playing live Bet on Poker because there are no ways to affect the game. The only input you have is to choose a hand or result to bet on, with the mathematical likelihood determined by the payout odds. When there are cards in hand, the return to player of the wagers fluctuates with each hand dealt, as the hands can appear probable to win. However, because the flop can change everything, it’s best to place your bets right at the start, before any cards are dealt. It is never a good idea to rely on betting systems like the Martingale.

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