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Bonnie Evans | January 10, 2023 | Updated on: February 22nd, 2024

Live Caribbean Stud PokerAt online casinos, live Caribbean Stud Poker is becoming a fan favorite. The game blends stud poker rules with a progressive prize, which explains why it’s a gambler’s favorite. It features only one choice point and demands just enough strategy to keep the game interesting. Beginners will not be overwhelmed by this method.

We give you a basic step-by-step explanation of how to play, help you find the best live casino to play at, and compare live dealer Caribbean stud to online versions. You’ll have everything you need to play once you’ve finished reading.

Play Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker

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 How to Play Live Dealer Caribbean Stud Poker

The bet limits and payouts for live Caribbean Stud Poker can vary from one casino to  another. Most casinos worldwide play hands in the same way, making learning how to play live Caribbean Stud simple.

You must first choose a casino that offers live dealer Caribbean stud poker games before you begin playing. If you don’t already have an account, create one and make a deposit. Live games, unfortunately, may only be played for real money. This is the time to claim any bonus that you may have. These are the basic procedures in playing a hand of Live Caribbean Stud Poker.

Making Progressive and Ante Bets

Each player places an ante bet as indicated on the layout. After then, players can place a side bet on the progressive jackpot. In land-based casinos, this is normally $1 on top of whatever wagers are made on the ante bet. This is a 5+1 side bet in Evolution Gaming’s live casino.

The progressive jackpot light illuminates when a progressive side bet is placed.

The Cards Have Been Shuffled

Before the hand begins, the dealer says, “No More Bets.” 5 cards are dealt face down to each player. In addition, the dealer is dealt five cards face down.

Players Examine Their Own Playing Cards

After turning over one of their cards,  the dealer then pushes all five cards towards the players. You are now free to examine your playing cards. Players are not permitted to examine or discuss the cards of other players.

Fold or Play

At this stage, each player must either play or fold. The player must enter a raise equal to two times the ante bet amount to play. By folding before the raise, the player can also choose to forfeit.

Hole Cards Revealed by the Dealer

The dealer’s  four-hole cards are revealed. The dealer should have an A – K or better to qualify. The dealer will compare their hand to yours and other players, beginning with the player on their right.

The Winners Are Revealed

The outcome of the ante and raise bets is determined one by one for each player. The hands are compared at this stage, and the winning gamblers are paid off. The progressive side bet, similar to video poker, is set by a pay schedule. This is unrelated to the outcome of the main wager.

Caribbean Stud Poker Rules

There are different Caribbean Stud rules widely used in the gambling industry. In the live gaming format, some usual restrictions in offline gaming are not required. Rules governing players revealing their hands are included. A dead hand occurs when a dealer accidentally reveals a card to the table during the deal.

The following rules should be expected to be applied wherever gamblers play.

  1. Each round of play allows a participant to wager on only one hand.
  2. No communication between players is permitted when determining the hand’s strategy. In Live Caribbean Stud Poker, this is enforced.
  3. I The player’s responsibility is to ensure that their progressive wager is recorded. The $1 wager must be placed, and the indication light must be turned on.
  4. A dead hand occurs when an incorrect amount of cards is dealt.
  5. If the dealer is dealt four cards instead of five, the dealer is dealt another card. Any other error will result in a dead hand.

play Live Caribbean Stud Poker

Live Caribbean Stud Payouts & Bets

When playing live games for real money, or any game, you must understand how the bets and payouts work. And there are a few points to consider when playing Live Caribbean Poker Stud: until the dealer qualifies for the hand, you only win 1:1 on the ante bet unless the dealer qualifies for the hand. The ante and raise bets are considered a push if your hand and the dealer’s hand are tied. If the dealer’s hand doesn’t succeed, your ante bet out 1 to 1, and the raise bets are a tie. They lose the ante and raise the bet if their hand does not beat the dealer.

Raised Bet Payouts

The pay table for the raised bet is different if the dealer qualifies for the hand and the players win regardless. These payouts are not ubiquitous, but  you should expect rewards in this range for raised bets.

  • Royal flush – 100 to 1
  • Straight flush – 50 to 1
  • Four of a kind – 20 to 1
  • Full house – 7 to 1
  • Flush – 5 to 1
  • Straight – 4 to 1
  • Three of a kind – 3 to 1
  • Two pairs – 2 to 1
  • Pair – 1 to 1
  • High card – 1 to 1

5+1 Side Bet Payouts

In brick-and-mortar casinos, Caribbean Stud Poker has a progressive jackpot; therefore, online casino software providers also offer a progressive side bet for the game. However, not the same can be said about the live versions of the game. The developer that does offer a 1000 to 1 payout on the Royal Flush in the 5 + 1 side bet is Evolution Gaming. The other bets that also have a payout for the side bet include the flush, full house, four of a kind and straight flush.

Live Caribbean Stud Poker vs Online

The real version of the game is very different from the virtual version. While the product given by online casinos for years has been a perfectly good way to play the game, due to the need to use random number generators and simulated gaming tables, such games can be boring and unfulfilling.

The one major disadvantage is the progressive side bet, but no live version of the game offers a progressive prize. Another disadvantage is the game is played at the software’s pace. Unlike online games, you can play at your pace.

Evolution Gaming’s 1000-to-1 payout is the largest Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot in a live casino. Nonetheless, there are other reasons to play the live version; all things considered; it is the most enjoyable version available on the Internet.

The upside of playing with a live dealer is that you can chat with them  and other players, making  the games more interactive. You also get a real casino gaming experience where tables take a certain number of players. There is also no random number generator used.


The one piece of advice that almost all experts will give you in  live dealer Caribbean stud poker games is that you should focus on playing specific hands. Playing hands that are greater than a high card  is a good start. These  strategy components are quite basic. When you’re handed a pair, you should always boost your stake. Any pair is worthwhile to play.

  • Not quite Ace-King: Always fold your cards. Nothing worth playing is anything that doesn’t beat the dealer’s qualifying hand of A-K. There are some restrictions for hands that are A-K but not a pair.
  • A, K Q or A, K J: You should raise when the dealer shows an Ace or King as their up-card.
  • A – K: You should raise if the dealer presents a Queen through two.

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