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Bonnie Evans | January 12, 2023 | Updated on: February 22nd, 2024

live hi loLook no further than Live Hi Lo if you’re searching for a simple live dealer game to play. The objective of the casino game is to anticipate whether the next card drawn will be higher or lower than the last card drawn. Isn’t it simple? It certainly is, and the best thing is that playing with a live dealer adds to the excitement. Because of its basic and easy-to-understand idea, live Hi Lo is becoming a popular option at live casinos. We’ll tell you all you need to know about the game so you can start playing right away. We go over how to play and where to play in great detail.

Live Dealer Hi Lo Casinos

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How To Play Live Hi Lo

It’s pretty simple to play Hi Lo with live dealers. There isn’t much to do in terms of gaming, but you will have many betting alternatives. In fact, Live Hi Lo is one of the best games from renowned Live casino developer Playtech because of its simplicity and attractive payouts.

The point of the game is for players to pick if the next card the dealer draws will be higher or lower than the last card. If your prediction is correct, you will win the bet. Your payout will be relative to the odds.

  1. The card ranking used in the game range from 2 to ace, where the ace is the highest card. Six card decks are used, and all ten cards are removed from the pile.
  2. To start off, the dealer will draw a base card from the shoe.
  3. The software will display the card value on the screen.
  4. All players will make their bets. The dealer will then close all bets and burn three cards. The fourth card will be revealed.
  5. The fourth card is the one used to compare to the last displayed card. All winning bets will then be paid out.
  6. The burn cards will be shuffled back into the deck. The fourth card that was drawn then became the base card.

Bets At Hi Lo Live Casino

There are two sets of bets to choose from; all the bets in the game are based on the base card. There are the Higher, lower, and snap bets, and then there are the side bets. Below we explain the best available.

Bet Higher or Lower

Your duty as a player is to predict whether the next card drawn will be of higher, lower, or equal rank to the previous card. The payoff rates for higher and lower bets are determined by the card you’re betting against.

Base Card Odds

CardHigher PayoutLower Payout


Second Card odds

Ace or King5.78x
2,3,4, and 52.89x
6,7,8, and 92.89x
Jack, Queen, King, or Ace2.89x


The Snap Bet

The only constant in live Hi Lo online is the “snap” stake, which pays out only if the next card is an exact match for the base card. Any bet that isn’t an exact match loses. The bet pays out 12.06 to 1. The snap bet is also known as a tie bet.

Side Bets

In live Hi Lo, the three bets above make up the majority of the action. There are, however, a number of side bets based on which card will be drawn next:

  • Red or Black – Place a wager on the next card’s color.
  • Suit – Place a wager on the next card’s suit.
  • Rank – Place a bet that the following card will be an ace or a king or that it will fall within one of three ranges (2 to5, 6 to 9, or J to A)

live dealer hi lo

Live Dealer Hi Lo Tips

The six decks used in the game give it a 96.45% RTP as the ten cards have been removed from all decks. And while it would make sense that the games have sound strategies that can be used to improve the house edge, that is not the case here.

Live dealer Hi Lo is a game of chance, making it very hard to cheat it. Therefore, there is very little strategy that can be used to improve the odds. With that, if you have an understanding of the cards, you can use the mathematical probability to predict what the next card will be.

Here are a few other tips that you can try out:

  • The snap bet has higher odds but a low probability.
  • Bankroll management is important as the game is easy to play, and you can easily lose track of your bankroll.
  • Stay away from players in the chat influencing your decisions.
  • Cards with a low payout are also a good choice
  • The software displays previous cards, so your card counts if you are confident in your skill.

Advantages of Playing Live Hi Lo

Sure, there are plenty of other live dealer games that you can play, but why should you play hi lo? For starters, it is a favourable game when compared to other games of chance. There are also no hard strategies to remember, and the same goes for the rules.

You will be able to play with a professional live dealer who will sometimes give you some advice or tips. Using the live chat feature, you can chat with the dealer as well as other players. So, the game is quite pleasant. You can also choose the dealer you would like to play with.

Most Playtech casinos offer more than one hi lo table, so you will always have a table to play at. You can take advantage of the wide table limits set by casinos.

There aren’t any downsides to playing live hi lo games apart from the fact that not all the dealers will be available when you want to play. Also, if you struggle with bankroll management, you may have an issue with spending more than you should. Lastly, there are no free versions of the game.

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