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Bonnie Evans | January 5, 2023 | Updated on: July 8th, 2024

blackjack tipsMake your next game of Blackjack less stressful with our professional blackjack tips. Playing the perfect hand is not guaranteed. However, with our top 10 tips for playing blackjack, you are on your way to the top.

Finding ways on how to master blackjack is essential, as the game is based on skill as well as luck.

Read our advanced blackjack tips guide before you start playing for real money. Afterward, sign up to one of our trusted internet casinos and use our trusted blackjack tips to win.

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Online Blackjack Tips

Playing 21 at an online casino is the same as playing 21 elsewhere. Gambling in Vegas is different from playing online. But, there are a few Vegas blackjack tips you need to know to survive online.

Therefore, use blackjack tips and tricks, popular blackjack strategies and rules to play like a pro. Keep a clear head and stay within your budget. There are many rules such as when to split aces or stand on soft 17. We have compiled the best tips for making playing 21 easy.

Advanced Blackjack Tips: Top 10 Tips for Playing Blackjack

Learning how to consistently win at 21 is a skill of its own. For now, go through our casino online blackjack tips to increase your odds of winning while having fun. Remember that these how to play blackjack: tips and guidelines can be used at almost every internet casino.

1.      Learn, live and breathe the rules

There aren’t a lot of online blackjack rules to memorize. The aim is to get 21 and not go over and beat the dealer.

Knowing the rules makes learning the tips and strategies more laid-back. This isn’t a test but, it is real money we are talking about.

2.      Learn the basic blackjack strategy

There are several web pages filled with strategies and finding a betting system that works for you won’t be hard. You need to use the basic strategy for the blackjack game to increase your chances of winning and possibly decrease the house edge.

3.      Pay attention to the dealers up card

When using the basic strategy, the dealers up card determines how you play your hand. One of the best pieces of advice we will ever give you is that before making any kind of decision check the dealers up card. Is it a sound card ranging from 7 to the Ace or is it a bad card ranging from 2 to 6? This could be what is standing between you and a winning streak.

4.      Start Small

One of the best blackjack basic strategy tips is remaining cool, calm and collected. You don’t want to sit at a blackjack table, start things off with the highest wager before getting an idea of the pace of the game. Take a seat, and begin things with the minimum bet.

5.      Avoid the insurance bet

The infamous insurance bet. The house always has an advantage over the player. The bet only works if you are card counting and confident that it will work in your benefit. If you hit Blackjack you only win your initial bet, if the dealer wins it is a push– no win and no lose – situation.

Online Blackjack Tips

6.      Keep a healthy bankroll

The most crucial tip in our online blackjack strategy guide is the bankroll. The last thing you want to do is blow your entire budget in one go. You need to set your maximum personal amount that you are willing to spend before any game starts.

The chance of winning is as good as your chances of losing. Don’t bet more than you have and never bet money you cannot afford to lose.

7.      Ignore everyone else

The golden rule is to remember that 21 is initially a game between you and the dealer. Conversations are allowed at the table, and of course, there will be blackjack players who talk the talk.

Some will even go as far as giving you advice on how to wager. Every decision you make affects the outcome of your money.

8.      Pick a suitable table

From bet values to dealer payout. Picking the correct table could work to your advantage. The table you sit at has to accommodate your bankroll and your basic strategy chart.

If you are on a tight budget the minimum table bet is something you should be looking out for. Remember you don’t want to gamble more than what you can afford when you play live casino games.

9.       Know when to call it quits

No one wants to leave the table a loser. However, knowing when to call it quit is essential. You will see when you are at the start or right in the middle of a losing streak.

Therefore, get up and go before you lose everything. This also works if you when you are ahead. You can keep your winnings and miss out on losing that amount of money later in the game.

10.  Go easy on the cocktails

Casinos are quite the night out or even day. In many casinos, some of the drinks are free and keep on coming. As amazing as this sounds, it is also another way players make costly mistakes and lose more money than what they had planned on. We also recommend playing online to avoid any excessive drinking and gambling


Blackjack Strategy Chart


How to Master Blackjack

There you have it, our golden 10 strategy tips on winning at blackjack. Before we wrap it up, we have a few more tips for you to use in the long run. Playing for real money is exciting; however, there is no harm in playing a couple of practice rounds for free at online casinos. This is the best way to test our casino blackjack tips to win.

There are also several myths surrounding the deck game of 21, and that is only because it is just an enjoyable table game. Learn to post the myths from the truths and have fun each time you take a seat at the table. Whether you are counting cards or comparing hot and cold numbers there are plenty top blackjack tips online.

Go from casual player to pro with our expert guides.

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