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Bonnie Evans | May 26, 2022 | Updated on: February 14th, 2024

chase the flush poker gameChase the Flush is an exciting poker-based game developed by AGS. In this game, US players and the dealer play against each other using three hole cards and four community cards. The aim is to make their longest possible seven-card flush and have more cards in their flush than their opponent.

Unlike real poker online games where you play against other players, in Chase the Flush it’s about beating the dealer. Furthermore, in casino games like these, you’re using the trappings of a poker game – the hand rankings, raising rules, and wild cards – but you’re playing against the house which has an inherent edge.

In this guide on Chase the Flush, we’ll be looking at how you play this poker-based game at top casino sites online, the rules, some strategies and tips that will help you increase your chances of winning, and what the house edge is.

So, for more on this exciting poker game by AGS, read on for more.

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How to Play Chase the Flush

Here we’ll be looking at how to play Chase the Flush. When playing this poker-based casino game, it’s important to remember that you’re playing against the dealer in this game and no other players.

  • Then, out of a 52-card deck, the dealer gives out three cards to the player and three to themselves.
  • The player then can check or bet 3x the ante on the All In bet.
  • Then the dealer places the first two community cards (known as the Flop) face up on the layout.
  • If players that hasn’t yet made an All In bet, they have a choice of betting or checking 2x their Ante.
  • The dealer then places the last wo community cards (the Turn and the River) face-up on the layout.
  • If a player still hasn’t made an All In bet at this point has the choice of either folding or betting 1x their Ante on the All In bet.
  • The dealer will then reveal their three hole cards and announce their seven-card flush. If the dealer fails to qualify (they need a nine high three-card flush), all Ante bets push.
  • The player must beat the dealer to win the All In bet and X-Tra Bonus bet.
  • Money is paid out and the next round starts again.

Chase the Flush Rules for US Players

Chase the Flush rules for US players are pretty simple and straightforward, drawing elements from poker. Let’s take a look at key rules you need to remember when playing.

  • Chase the Flush Rule 1: At the beginning of the game, players must make equal bets on the Ante and the X-Tra Bonus. They can also make an optimal Same Suit Bonus if they want to.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 2: Once a player makes a bet, they can’t bet again or change their bet.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 3: In order for their hand to qualify, the dealer needs a nine high three-card flush.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 4: If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the Ante and All In bet push.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 5: The player needs to beat the dealer in order to win the All In bet and X-Tra Bonus.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 6: When the dealer qualifies and the player’s flush beats it, the All In and Ante bets become even money.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 7: Alternatively, when the dealer qualifies and the player’s hand loses, the All In, Ante, and X-Tra Bonus bets lose.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 8: Or when the hands tie, the All In, Ante, and X-Tra Bonus bets push.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 9: The X-Tra Bonus bet wins when the player beats the dealer with four or more cards of the same suit.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 10: On the other hand, the X-Tra Bonus pushes if the player wins with less than four cards.
  • Chase the Flush Rule 11: Lastly, the Same Suit Bonus bet wins if the player has a four-card flush or higher.

chase the flush AGS poker game

Winning Hands in Chase the Flush

Below are the winning hands in Chase the Flush and the payout they come with. These hands are for winning the X-Tra Bonus and the Same Suit Bonus.

X-Tra Bonus Bet

7-card flush250
6-card flush50
5-card flush5
4-card flush1

Same Suit Bet

7-card straight flush2,000
6-card straight flush2,000
7-caard flush300
5-card straight flush100
6-card flush50
4-card straight flush20
5-card flush10
4-card flush1


Best Chase the Flush Strategies & Tips

Here are some of best Chase the Flush strategies and tips. While these tips and strategies won’t guarantee you winning 100% of the time, they do lower the casino house edge against you, increasing your odds of winning. In this game, every decision you make matters. Make bad choices and the house edge goes up. Much like in blackjack, using a basic strategy decreased the house edge. Our experts say that playing this poker game without a strategy puts the house edge at about 5%. Playing with a basic strategy helps to drop it to 2.65%. Keep these following strategy pointers in mind the next time you play.

  • Strategy 1: Call 1x the Ante bet on the River more often than on anything else. Do it about 35% of the time.
  • Strategy 2: Raise with your hole cards about 25% of the time.
  • Strategy 3: Also bet on the Flop about 25% of the time.
  • Strategy 4: Aim to fold about 15% of the time.
  • Strategy 5: When you get your hole cards, raise them any time you have three suited cards and two suited cards that are higher than Q9.
  • Strategy 6: On the Flop, raise if you have three suited card or better.
  • Strategy 7: Lastly, on the final action, raise if you have any three suited cards and two suited high cards.

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