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Bonnie Evans | January 12, 2023 | Updated on: July 8th, 2024

New Roulette Online

In addition to the classical versions of roulette which has a history dating back to the 17th century, many new roulette versions have developed since, offering US gamblers a wider range of ways to win (or lose) at roulette.

Continue reading for more information on the latest versions of roulette and find out how to win. Also find the best online roulette casinos below to begin playing for real money.

Play New Roulette Games Online

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No Zero Roulette

Amongst the various online roulette games available today, no zero roulette is right up there. Unlike the traditional versions of the game, no zero roulette does not have a zero pocket. This increases the odds of winning significantly and eliminates the advantage that the casino has over the player.

The features of this new roulette game are quite attractive. For one, players do not have to employ roulette mathematics. With no zero roulette there is not need to calculate expected value, or even the probability of winning as the odds of both parties are equal throughout.

The American roulette wheel has 36 numbered pockets as well as one single and one double zero pocket. The probability of winning when placing a bet on either one of the numbers is 36 to 1. Now, once the zero pocket is removed, those odds increase to 35 to 1, also expressed as 2.67%.

The main objective and the rules of this new roulette game is the same as with any other version. Players have to guess which number the ball will rest on. They also have to decide:

  • The size of the bet.
  • The type of bet they want to play.
  • Place the equivalent number of chips on the virtual roulette table, followed by a spin of the wheel.

Multi Wheel Roulette

Multi wheel roulette is another new roulette game for hopeful players. As the term multi-wheel suggests, there are a total of eight roulette wheels in play during this version of the game which gives players many opportunities to win. Only one bet is placed, and although all eight wheels are spun, the player is authorized to say which of the wheels are active during that specific spin. The winnings or losses are collected from each wheel and handed either to the player if it’s a win, or to the casino if it’s a loss.

This version of the game follows the rules stipulated in European roulette. You can place all kinds of bets such as inside/outside bets, as well as called and final bets.

The graphics and overall layout of multi wheel roulette clear, making it easy for players to navigate their way around and find important information. The menu tab includes customizable options and features such as Fast Play Mode and the option to change the colour of the roulette table, among others.

New Roulette Games

Double Ball Roulette

The most stand out feature between double ball roulette and other variations of the game is the inclusion of a second ball. During this new roulette game, both balls are launched onto the roulette wheel using a mechanical device. Double ball roulette also features a unique double ball jackpot bet. This bonus feature is explained in the list of rules below.

The following rules of the game apply:

  • Double ball roulette can be played on single or double zero roulette wheels.
  • The table layout is the same as any other variation of the game.
  • Not one, but two balls are used.
  • For outside bets to payout, both balls must be successful. For example, for a colour bet to win, both balls must land on either black or red.
  • For inside bets to payout, just one of the balls have to be successful. If both balls turn out successful, the player wins twice as much.
  • To win the double ball jackpot, both the balls need to successfully land in the same numbered pocket.

Double Action Roulette

Double action roulette offers players twice the fun in one go. This new roulette game offers gamblers the chance to bet on two numbers with a single spin. This game is played on a specialized wheel design that features two sets of numbers, one set on the innermost circle, and one set on the outermost circle. Each set of numbers spin in a direction opposite to the other, and when the ball lands it aligns two numbers at once.

The double action roulette table layout marks another difference in comparison to traditional roulette versions. The table features two separate betting sections. One section is assigned to the innermost number set, while the other is assigned to the outermost number set. Players are allowed to bet on both sections.

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