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Updated on: January 28th, 2020

Scratch Card Games for Real Money

scratch card gamesScratch card games, also called instant win games are popular online casino games that are fun to play and require very minimal skill or effort. There are also free scratch-off games available to play online that require no deposit.

Playing scratch games online works in the same way as physical scratch cards do, minus the mess. To play, all you need to do is visit an online casino or lottery website and find the scratch card games section.

You can either play for free or be asked to deposit a certain amount before you’re allowed to play. This is dependent on the online casino or lottery you choose. Online scratch card games offer great jackpots and fun themes to choose from. And each one has different odds of winning.

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Auto Scratch and Auto Play Features

Online scratch card games have an auto scratch and autoplay feature. The former refers to a feature often listed under the ‘options’ or ‘expert play’ tabs. Here you’re free to choose the card that you want. When you click the ‘auto’ button, the computer will randomly select spaces to play.

The latter functions similarly, except it’s much quicker and more suited for low stake scratch card games.

Scratch Card Games Online

Top 3 Scratch Card Games

Fortunately, there are tons of different games for you to choose from. We’ve discussed three of the best below. Visit any of the casinos that we recommend to play these games for real money today.

Merlin’s Millions Scratch

The objective of this game is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is match three symbols for a chance to win. The winning, or losing symbols will be covered by virtual residue and revealed when you scratch the residue away. Potential jackpots are big, while the minimum wager is as little as 0.20.

Ghosts of Christmas Scratch

Ghost of Christmas Past is another 3×3 online scratch card game where you need to align three matching symbols to win. True to scratch card games, this game features a Christmas theme with festive décor items replacing the usual film or residue covering the lucky numbers or symbols.

The game features a minimum wager of 0.10 and a high of $5, in addition to manual and autoplay options. For manual play, you need to physically drag the computer mouse across the correct area to reveal the hidden symbols.

For autoplay, you can select up to 50 rounds before clicking the play button. The game will run through all 50 consecutively. Each Christmas decoration has a different payout value. See the table below:

Christmas Decoration Payout Value
Raw Turkey Your stake multiplied by 1
Picture Your stake multiplied by 2
The Youthful Angel Your stake multiplied by 4
St. Paul Your stake multiplied by 10
The Grim Reaper Your stake multiplied by 15
The Ghostly Figure Your stake multiplied by 50
The Old Man Your stake multiplied by 1000


Deal or No Deal Scratch

Deal or No Deal is based on the popular TV show and shifts away from the traditional match 3 symbol format found in most money scratch card games. Here you are given 22 boxes each containing different hidden cash prizes. You then have to find the relevant box(s) with each play.

At the start of each game, you select a lucky box and make your stake, which should amount to 0.20 or more. A set cash prize is on offer for each game and your aim is to match that cash prize with each box that you ‘scratch’.

For example, to win $25,000 you need to find a specified number of boxes containing the $25,000 cash symbol. After reaching a certain number of unsuccessful scratches, an automatic notification will pop up giving you the option of swapping your pre-selected lucky box with another box.

If you accept this offer, you’ll abandon the game and move onto a bonus round where you’ll be required to scratch 3 boxes and hope that at least one matches the cash prize symbol to win real money. If you do not accept the swap, the casino game continues until there are only two boxes remaining; one being your pre-selected box, and the other being the remainder of the initial 22 boxes.

The Deal or No Deal Scratch Card Game offers players options and control and an added suspense factor. This makes the game interesting while the bonus round offers players more ways to secure the winning ticket.

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