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Updated on: September 4th, 2023

The My Slots Rewards program at Casino is a game-changer for US players seeking an exceptional online casino experience. With its tiered loyalty system, tailored benefits, and personalized approach, it’s clear that Casino is committed to putting players first.

This innovative loyalty program has been designed to offer players an unmatched gaming adventure while delivering exceptional rewards, bonuses, and exclusive perks.

How the My Slots Rewards Works Casino has long been recognized as a top-tier destination for US players seeking high-quality casino games, including a wide array of slots and table games. With the introduction of the My Slots Rewards program, the casino aims to elevate the player experience to new heights.

1. Stay and Play

While you’re immersed in thrilling gameplay and exploring exciting new games at Casino, you’ll automatically earn MySlots Rewards Points. It’s simple: the more you play, the more points you accumulate.

2. Get Rewarded Your Way

MySlots Rewards Points are your golden ticket to cash bonuses; the power is in your hands. You can redeem your MySlots Points for cash bonuses whenever you like. Whether you exchange some of your points or cash them all in, the choice is yours.

Moreover, your journey at is a continuous adventure, and you’ll keep earning MySlots Points throughout your casino experience. This means you’ll steadily progress through the program’s status levels (see below), allowing you to reap MySlots Rewards even faster as you ascend. Don’t worry about losing your status; we’ll diligently track your lifetime MySlots Rewards Points.

3. Earning Points

Not all games are created equal when it comes to MySlots Rewards Points. Here’s a breakdown of how points are earned based on the games you enjoy:

  • Video Poker: For every $1 wagered, you’ll earn 1 rewards star.
  • Table Games: Every $1 wagered in table games contributes 1 rewards star.
  • Slots Games: Dive into the slots world with every $1 wagered, and you’ll receive 5 rewards stars.
  • Specialty Games: Unearth the excitement of specialty games; for every $1 wagered, you’ll gain 5 rewards stars.
  • Thundercrash: The thunder rolls, and so do your rewards. With each $1 wagered in Thundercrash, you’ll collect 1 reward star.

The key takeaway is simple: the more you play, the more MySlots Rewards Points you earn, and the closer you get to unlocking fantastic bonuses and status levels. So, embark on your gaming journey at Casino today, and watch your rewards stack up as you savor every thrilling moment.

my slots rewards program

What Sets My Slots Rewards Apart

The My Slots Rewards program stands out in the crowded online casino landscape for several reasons:

  • Tailored for US Players: Designed with the preferences and needs of US players in mind, the program offers rewards that resonate with the gaming community in the United States.
  • Generous Bonuses: With its tiered system, players can enjoy bonuses that continually improve as they advance through the levels, providing strong incentives to keep playing.
  • Personalized Experience: The program is all about delivering a customized gaming experience. From exclusive promotions to dedicated customer service, players receive royal treatment.
  • Transparency: Casino believes in transparency, and the My Slots Rewards program is no exception. Players can easily track their progress and know what rewards they are entitled to at each level.

MySlots Rewards Program Levels

The My Slots Rewards program features four distinct loyalty levels:

  • Depositor Rewards: The starting point, granting access to Promotional Bonuses.
  • Signature Rewards: Achieved with 2,000 Rewards Points, offering extra Reload Bonuses and retaining previous benefits.
  • Superior Rewards: Earn 5,000 Rewards Points to unlock Increased Refer-a-Friend Bonuses while retaining lower-level benefits.
  • Executive Rewards: With 15,000 Rewards Points, enjoy access to Monthly Bonus Draws and all previous perks.
  • Elite Rewards: Reach 40,000 Rewards Points to gain Weekly Cash Back Bonuses alongside existing benefits.
  • VIP Rewards: Attain 100,000 Rewards Points (minimum lifetime deposits at $10,000) to unlock Increased Bet Limits, a casino Birthday Bonus, and all previous advantages.
  • VIP Premium Rewards: Achieve 250,000 Rewards Points (minimum lifetime deposits at $25,000) for Weekly VIP Bonus Draws, Expedited Withdrawals, Increased Withdrawal Limits, and all lower-level perks.
  • VIP Exclusive Rewards: The highest level, accessible by invitation only, includes FREE Expedited Withdrawals, Maximum Withdrawal Limits, Personal Account Hosting, and numerous exclusive privileges.

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