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Bonnie Evans | February 15, 2021 | Updated on: May 27th, 2022

Cricket Betting in USA

Cricket Betting USAWhen talking about variety, cricket betting is by far the most exciting sports betting market. Almost as impressive as the final 2019 cricket world cup match between England and New Zealand. England won the world championship based on hitting more boundaries in their 50 overs. Cricket dates back to the 18th century with the longest cricket match going on for nine days; it is no wonder why there are tons of betting options in cricket. Whether you are betting on who will win the cricket world cup, cricket team propositions or making player cricket bets. There are plenty of possibilities to make lots of money.

Cricket enthusiasts from India, England, Sri Lanka or South Africa can bet on the sport at any time. Our guide will help cricket betting fanatics of all levels learn more about cricket wagers. We look at popular cricket bets, the difference between a T20 and Test matches. If you are season bettor only looking for online betting tips you have come to the right place.

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Popular Types of Cricket Betting

Match Betting

US cricket bettors have made match betting one of the most popular bets in cricket. The cricket bet is one of the more straightforward bets in cricket.  Match betting requires bettors to bet on one of three outcomes. Bettors will pick between the home team winning, a draw or the away team winning. With cricket matches where a draw is not an option, bettors will have to bet on which of the two teams will win.

Bowler betting

There are two kinds of bets that can be made on the bowler. The first bet is the Top Bowler bet where bettors have to decide which bowler will have the most wickets during a match. Another bet is the bowler match bets. The bet is slightly easier to the top bowler bet. The bet suggests which top two bowlers will have the most wickets in the match.

Batsman Betting

Similar to the different bowler bets, batsman betting has two kinds of bets. Bettors can bet on who the top batsman will have the most runs and as this bet tends to be challenging to predict the payouts are often high. The batsman match bet suggests which top two batsmen will score the most runs in a match.

Tied Match

If you think a cricket match will end in a tie, then all you have to do is bet yes or no. Pretty straightforward right? If your selection is correct. You win the wager.

Outright Winner Betting

The outright bet is futures bet as wagers are made on which team win that specific tournament. Another outright bet includes betting on which team will reach the finals.

Series Winner Betting

Series game in cricket is where teams play three or five-game series rather than playing one match. Bettors have to place bets on which team will come out on top at the end of the series of matches.

Completed Match

For cricket matches that have been scheduled to be played in one day, bettors can place a bet on whether or not the game will be completed on that day. If you think that some outside factors or the weather could impact the game, then it could work in your favour to place this bet. US bettors simply have to bet yes or no.

Innings Runs

The Innings runs cricket prediction requires bettors to predict the number of runs in the teams’ first innings of a match. Bookmakers will post their predicted runs. Bettors will have to bet on whether the final score will be over or under the bookmakers predicted number.

cricket betting tips

Cricket Bet Tips

Before making cricket bets, there are several factors that bettors have to take into consideration:

  1. Team standing: when betting on the T20 bettors should take which players have been selected for the national team into account. The national side members have to miss a couple of the T2o matches.
  2. Injuries: like in any sport there maybe a couple of team injuries. Bettors have to look at which players are injured and what their role in the team was.
  3. Weather: the weather has a massive impact on how the game is played. Windy and cloudy weather may affect the ball swings, and the rain affects how runs are scored.

Cricket Betting Events

There are several cricket tournaments and series which bettors can place bets in and enjoy.

  • ICC Cricket World Cup: the world cup is played every four years and is the most prestigious cricket tournament. The tournament is played in 4 stages: The Super 8, 6, the semi-final and the finals.
  • ICC Champions Trophy: the tournament was a less strict mini world cup which also took place every four years. The tournament is currently on hiatus with no plan of returning soon.
  • ICC World T20: the Twenty20 is the shortest cricket tournament.
  • CLT20: The Champions League T20 is a famous global domestic level cricket tournament. It is played by BCCI, Cricket Australian and Cricket South Africa.
  • Ashes Series: The ashes is a rivalry test series between England and Australia.
  • Test matches: 12 teams play each other on a rotating basis. The twelve teams with test match status include Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, Ireland, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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