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Bonnie Evans | February 15, 2021 | Updated on: May 27th, 2022

Football Betting for US Players

US online football betting

US Players who are interested in football betting have to know all the basics to win big. Football is a sport that is played using legs, arms and almost every part of the body from the shoulders up. Learning how to bet on football or college football betting lines requires bettors to use everything from the shoulders up but without the sweat or tackling. Our football betting guide has everything you need to get started. Whether you are wagering for real money or wagering for fun, online football betting should not be a daunting experience.

There are 32 teams in the National Football League, and more than 200 games are played. Bettors have the opportunity of betting on the preseason, 17 playing weeks and postseason matches. The Superbowl is the most anticipated game in the NFL as well as in the football betting world. To make significant amounts of money, bettors have to understand the different football bets, where they can make their bets as well as gear up for the upcoming season with great online betting tips.

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Football Betting Odds

Football has several different types of online sports betting wagers. Bettors won’t use all the types of betting; however, it is essential to understand the different wagering types as this will be able to help bettors with the strategies they would like to use.


Total Bets are one of the most popular US bets. Bookmakers will post a predicted total amount of points scored by both sides. Bettors will have to decide then if they would like to bet on the over or the under.

We will use a match between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants as an example. The bookmakers will post an expected total of 38.50. If you wager on the over you will win if the combined score from the match is 39 or over. If a bet on the under and the combined score is 38 and below then you will also win.

Point Spreads

Point spreads are handicap bets that are used to create a 50/50 wagering proposition. Using our Cowboys and Giants example, if the Cowboys are favoured by 10 points to beat the Giants the sportsbook line would show the Cowboys as -10 and the Giants as +10. For a bet on the Cowboys to be a winning bet, they will have to win with 11 points or more and 10 points will be deducted from their final score. On the other hand, if the Giants win, 10 points will be added to their final score. For the Giants to win, they would have to win or lose the game by 10 points or more.


Moneyline bets simply require bettors to back a team they think will win. If the team is a favourite a minus sign will be placed before the odds number, and if the team is an underdog, the plus sign will be placed in front of the odds numbers.

For example:

Dallas Cowboys -150. In this example, the Cowboys are the favourite. For bettors to win $100, they would have to wager using $175

New York Giants +120. In this case, the Giants are the underdogs and for every $100 wager bettors will receive $155.


Proposition bets are commonly known as props. Props are wagers not directly linked to the outcome of the final score. The bets are made on the outcomes that are related to the game such as the number of field goals kicked, the longest touchdown distance and which team was the first to score.


Future bets are wagers made on events that will happen in the future. Bets made on who the MVP will be or who will win the Superbowl are considered future bets.


Parlays are multiple bets combined into one. The bet combination includes a total, point spread and moneyline to increase the payout.


Teasers are a type of parlay that uses combined spreads and total all bet in the bettor’s favour. Unlike Teasers, a different kind of parlay is a pleaser. Pleasers work in the same way as Teasers. However, they are much harder to win as the lines are moved in the bookmaker’s favour.

football betting in play


Where to Make Football Bets

Online football betting sites are the most convenient and accessible football betting option. The betting sites are legal in the US and a far better option than spending time in a bookmaking shop or using the telephone betting option. Telephone Betting was made illegal by the Federal Wire Act of 1961.

Online betting sites are easy to use and to bet online all bettors have to do is register an account with a regulated sportsbook. There are also several mobile football betting apps that bettors can use.

Online Football Betting Tips

  • Have proper management of your bankroll
  • Make use of the bonuses
  • Have accounts with several bookmakers as the lines are different at every bookmaker
  • Learn more about football, the teams, players and all the factors that affect the game outcome
  • Bet using a simple and effective strategy

Football betting odds

College Football Betting

The NCAA college football is a massive part of the football season. bettors are given the opportunity to place bets on a league made of young players. Betting on the NCAA College Football betting are similar to the football betting line and work in a similar fashion. Here is a list of the college betting lines bettors will find at popular sportsbooks.

  • Moneyline bets
  • Total bets
  • Spreads
  • Futures
  • Props

When placing bets on any of the college teams it is important to remember to keep up with the betting trends. Shopping around for the best odds is advised as there is a large skill gap in the league. Looking for the best odds will ensure that you make skilled bets with larger lines.

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