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Updated on: January 5th, 2023

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UFC Betting in the USA falls under Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and is part reason why the sport has grown in popularity over the years. MMA is a high-energy sport, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is one of the most prestigious fighting organizations.

A lot of action revolves around the UFC sports betting. In fact, online UFC betting odds are the primary focus for all MMA sportsbook fans. There are a number of UFC events you can place wagers on.

However, before you make any bets, there are a few things you need. Namely, the various UFC betting predictions, UFC betting picks, and MMA Odds.

Our sporting experts came together to create a guide on all there is to know about the best combat sports promotion. From the best UFC betting lines, top UFC betting app and must know UFC Fight Night info read below. So, to learn about UFC online betting, and what the best UFC betting sites in our guide.

UFC Betting Sites in 2024

Choosing the Best UFC Betting Site

Choosing MMA betting sites is similar to choosing a casino site. There are a number of things you have to look out for. Firstly, the online sportsbook has to be safe and secure. Secondly, it has top be regulated and offer top betting lines.

Some of the important factors we look for in UFC sports betting USA include:

  • UFC Bonuses: You have to get great UFC betting promotions such as welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses and much more. This is used to keep punters coming back and betting.
  • Banking options: A good sportsbook will offer you a number of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Good Customer Service: We only endorse betting sites with great customer service and several contact methods.

Online UFC Betting

Typically, UFC fights are scheduled throughout the entire year. However, you will find that there are hot spots that feature the most white-knuckle fights of the year. Such UFC fighting events include the annual International Fight Week.

Also, the types of UFC events are an indication of what to expect in the schedule. This will help with making a thought-out bet. So, here is how you can place your bet

  1. For starters, you have to create an account at a sportsbook that accepts US players.
  2. Use the guidelines above when choosing an online UFC betting site, when you are all set up head on over to the UFC schedule.
  3. The schedules can be found under the MMA tab, which can be found under sports.
  4. Make a deposit using your preferred banking method
  5. Choose the bet that you would you make and place bet.

Types of UFC Events

As we had mentioned there are a number of UFC events bettors can wager on. Some of the popular UFC betting events include:

  • UFC on ESPN
  • The Ultimate Fighter series
  • UFC Fight Night
  • The annual International Fight Week
  • UFC Weight Divisions

The fights are spread over the year, so you will always have a fight to bet on. With that being said, it is still important to practice responsible gaming.

best ufc betting site

UFC Betting Odds Explained

A good betting strategy will be based on your knowledge of the sport and the players. Many find this as a small piece of the betting pie. However, wagering is essentially about placing a bet on the player.

If you want to create a comprehensive MMA betting strategy, you have to know which bets are of value and will have a high return value. You also need bet tips to help you make better decisions.

UFC Predictions

Understanding UFC betting to the fullest will require you to understand the different types of  bets. Many may not know this; you can bet on a lot more than who the winner of the fight will be.

Moreover, bets can be made on the method of victory and a whole lot more. You need not make bets on all the different types of bets. However, it is worth knowing that other worthwhile predictions can be made.

 Money line

The moneyline bet is simply making a bet on who will win the fight. The favorite in the fight will be displayed with a minus sign, and the underdog will be displayed with a plus sign.

Total Betting Line

With the totals bet, you have to predict whether or not the fight will go over or number the sportsbooks predicted number.

In a fight between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedovn, the oddsmaker may set the total to 1.5 rounds.

If you think the fight will end in the first round, you will bet on the under. If you think the bet will go past 1.5 rounds, you will bet on the over.

UFC Prop Bets

Propositional bets are bets that can be made on related outcomes in the fight. These fun bets include making wagers on whether or not a fight lasts under 25 minutes? If there will be a KO TKO or which fighter will win a certain round and more.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is when a player makes multiple bets on one ticket. For bettors to win the ticket, all the fights on the ticket have to be guessed correctly. Parlay bets are extremely risky. However, the returns are outstanding.

UFC Betting App

Mobile betting is becoming popular amongst bettors who are on the go. Therefore, most sportsbooks have apps to allow you to bet from anywhere that you are. You can view UFC odds and top UFC predictions on your phone.

You will find the best fight odds, UFC & MMA odds & betting lines. Moreover, it will be odds from various bookmakers and not just from North America. You will be able to see your bet slip on your mobile device.

In addition, the American odds, bets on who will win the fight and UFC picks will be the same as what you would find online. The only difference is that it is mobile betting at top UFC betting apps.

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