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No, card games online are not rigged. However, there is a lot of controversy around card games being rigged. Many players will begin to doubt the fairness of any game after a losing streak. But there are many reasons why a casino would not tamper with their casino equipment.

Whether you are playing card games online or at land-based casino, you expect all games to be fair. In turn, you should only play at casinos that offer fair games. So, we have created a guide with all elements that make for a fair card game.

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How do Card Games Work?

At land-based casinos card games are played using a card shuffler. It is a simple-looking rectangular box that shuffles and sorting multiple decks for the dealer. These card shufflers have to pass inspection by gaming regulatory boards and commissions. The board of inspectors must ensure that the card shufflers are fair and not in any way tilted against the players.

Whether or not the inspectors would overlook casino equipment being programmed to go against the players to favour the casino is another story. Card shufflers are programmed to distribute cards randomly. They are in no way programmed to distribute specific cards or hands, that would be illegal. Also, we are certain that no casino would want to lose their gaming license because of a rigged card game machine.

Online Card Games

When you play online poker or blackjack or any other card game, a RNG will be used to select your cards. The RNG stands for Random Number Generator, and it is an online software used to play online games. It uses mathematical algorithms or formula that transfers numbers. It does not independently choose a winner.

All the RNG does is determine what card will show up next. The RNG software produces unbiased and random distribution of hands. While the casino will have a slight edge over you (because that’s how they make money), the RNG is in place to protect you.

Also, it eliminates cheating as not everyone has the patience to try and figure out the pattern the RNG use to produce cards.

Safe Card Games Online

There are many reasons that players believe that the card games they are playing are not safe. Things such as bad beats, cheating, insiders messing with the RNG come up the most. However, the one thing most players forget is that when you play at a regulated casino, you don’t have to worry about these things.

One of things that we can’t stress enough is that you have to play at licenced and regulated casinos. These casinos will be regulated and governed by the laws set by the gambling jurisdiction that they are located in.

Also, the casino will have passed rigorous tests such as eCOGRA’s stringent internal audits. Not only will the casino be tested, but the RNG will also be audited.


Play Card Games at Top Casino

Apart from the stamp of approval from a gambling regulatory body, there are few other things that you should look out for. Check that the casino uses high-quality software, they offer safe banking options, great customer support and bonuses.

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