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Women betting  and their engagement in casino games is steadily increasing. There has been very little research into how gambling behaviour, product preferences, and perceptions of gambling harm differ among women’s subgroups. As a result, it’s difficult to identify whether women or men place higher wagers at casinos. The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation conducted a study on female gamblers’ behaviour.

Women now account for 46% of casino gamblers, up from 10% in the 1990s. This isn’t always the case with online casino tables. Some women prefer to use non-gender-specific nicknames, which are fortunately uncommon in the gaming community where true game enthusiasts can be found. We’ll look into women betting online and more in the sections below.

Are Women Betting More at Casinos

Women Betting On Top Casino Games

Men are primarily driven by the convenience of slot machines, whereas women prefer to play thinking games such as table games. When it comes to betting, female gamblers are more sensible. They are less thrill-seeking and prefer to place lower wagers to prolong their enjoyment of the game. This leads to yet another significant distinction in addiction. Compulsive gambling is substantially less common in women. Another fascinating statistic is that female gambler favor cellphones more than men gamblers. According to a recent survey, they spend more than 35% of their time on mobile casinos than males.

This isn’t to say that women don’t love games like slots, keno, lottery, and bingo. These games have high payouts, are entertaining, require minimal strategy, and have brief gaming sessions.

Generational disparities are common. Slot machines are popular among Baby Boomer women. Female millennial gamblers, on the other hand, do not. Samantha Thomas, Simone McCarthy, and others found in a 2018 Australian gambling study that women aged 16 to 34 considered slot machines to be a risky kind of gambling.

Those same women saw sports betting or horse racing wagering as a lower-risk activity. Bets on a restricted selection of sporting events are accepted in traditional sportsbooks and racebooks. Because of the fast-paced nature of computerized slots, millennials perceived them as having a higher risk of injury.

Famous Gambling Women

Judy Bayley is known as the “First Lady of Gambling” since she was the first woman to operate a significant resort on the Las Vegas Strip. Shirley Brancucci is also present. Ms. Brancucci was the strip’s first female baccarat dealer. She demonstrated her ability in the game, yet she continued to face discrimination because of her gender. These women demonstrated that they have what it takes to take on a largely male-dominated business with no reservations. Following in their footsteps are the top ten female casino gamblers:Vannessa Selbast – three World Series of Poker bracelets

  • Jane Willis – Part of the MIT Blackjcak team
  • Cheung Yin ‘Kelly’ Sun – Famous Baccarat player made 12 million from card games in USA
  • Annie Duke – one World Series of Poker bracelets
  • Mavis Wanczyk – 758.7 million Lottery winner
  • Kristen Bicknell – three World Series of Poker bracelets
  • Annette Obrestad – over $1 million in online poker winnings
  • Cynthia Jay Brennan – $35 Million won from the Megabucks slot jackpot
  • Leslie Sategna – placed a $1,000 bet in roulette and ended up winning $35,000

Women Betting Stats

There have been studies concentrating on women in the video gaming industry, where they account for over half of all players. However, most of them do not consider themselves “core gamers” or devote excessive amounts of time to watching esports. The most recent research into gender in online gaming and sports betting was undertaken by 888 Holdings. 888 Holdings released some pretty intriguing figures in 2019:

  • Women’s sports betting returns averaged 19.79 percent, while men’s losses averaged 4.6%.
  • Men lost 8.74% on average, while women aged 25-34 won 127%.
  • Women lost 24.07% of their money playing online casino games, while men lost 47 percent.
  • Women between the ages of 18 and 24 outperformed men in online casino games.
  • In online poker, women lost 38% of the time, while males lost 41.69 percent of the time.
  • In online poker, women aged 55 to 64 lost the least.

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Why Women Enjoy Betting

Women like betting for a variety of reasons, including the ability to win money and make a living from it. Here are a few reasons why ladies betting is no longer a popular pastime.

1.     Harassment is not allowed.

Online casino games are solo games with no chat rooms where male players can harass female gamers. Online casinos are designed for private gambling, allowing ladies to enjoy themselves without worry. Even table games that allow multiple players to compete at the same time, such as live dealer casino games, keep a tight eye on the chat and do not tolerate any harassment of dealers or other players.

2.     Control of bankroll

It is well known that women are more responsible with their gambling money than males. Women are more likely to stick to a budget and take less risks with their money. Women have more control over their spending when they play at online casinos. They can play low-cost slot machines or even establish deposit limitations at casinos to stay within their budget.

3.     Research-based decisions

Articles about gambling are more likely to be read by women than by males. Women learn about the greatest casinos online, the best bonus offers, and the top games for their money. By looking for casino games with higher RTP or higher maximum payouts, they are giving themselves a competitive advantage. Women are more likely than men to conduct a study before to playing.

Final Thought

There are few locations where women may find total equality in a world long dominated by men. There are no differences in the cost of spins in online casino games. It’s comforting for women to know that the internet’s anonymity and the core premise of gambling leave no room for gender differences.

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