Can Casinos Control How Much You Win?

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A common myth about playing online is that the casinos control how much win or how certain games work. The same is often said about brick and mortar casinos. Do casinos control how much you win? No, it would take a lot of doing for them to physically control each players’ fate at their casino games.

Firstly, depending on the casino games you are playing, you may and may not win big. Secondly, online games are regulated and have to comply with different regulations. This may mean that the software developers have to change how their games work. Lastly, games such as slots use an RNG which is a program that simulates the reels. The RNG produces random numbers that are turned into Read-Only Memory chips which can only be physically changed by a technician. The technician uses the ROMs to change the game payout percentages.

Casinos Control How Much You Win

Do Casinos Control the Games?

Regulated casinos sites such as the ones we recommend on this site lease games from software providers. There are thousands of web-based casinos, and it’s impossible to be completely sure how each casino manages their slots or games.

With that being said, most popular casino sites don’t run their casino games from their own servers. Several game developers run their own servers and will decide the payout percentage and slot games.  Some of the most popular service providers include:

Then again, the gambling establishment can rig the games, but they risk losing their independent certifications.  Casinos can decide on the percentage breaks for their house edge and return to player. Therefore, there is no need to rig games or adjust the payout percentages.

Regulation of Return to Player Percentages

Licensed gaming casinos have to comply with local regulations governing their casinos. In a number of states, the government will regulate the RTP with some providing more laws than others.

American brick and mortar casinos are regulated by their states, and Native American casinos fall abode by the rules of their tribal governments. Minimal RTP percentages are set by each jurisdiction in authority. This makes sure that the casinos do not make too much money.

But this has nothing to do with how much you win or casinos controls how much you can win. Regulated and honest casino sites don’t have to control who wins at a casino game. The casino already has control who can play at their casino’s games. They can also ask players to leave for any given reason such as card counters or those manipulating games.

Play at Casinos That Won’t Control How Much You Win

Fortunately for online players, web-based casinos partner with trusted developers for their games. Use expert gaming systems designed to create an entertaining experience at out casinos. There are many myths about the best US online casino controlling how players win. we have just debunked this myth! Stay tuned to our website for more way to win big when playing at honest casinos.