Can Roulette Dealers Control the Ball?

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Technically yes, the dealer can control the ball. However, casinos do not allow such behaviour on their wheels because that will affect their license since it is not considered fair gaming. It is not impossible to control the ball, but you can’t dictate where it will land.

So, if a dealer were to control the ball, they would only be throwing it in a specific way to try and get it to land on a specific slot. If you are playing at online casino sites, the same will apply to playing live dealer games. However, if you are playing the automated game, it is not possible.

The automated system will throw in the ball, and in no way is it affected by how it is thrown in.

control the ball

Cheating at Roulette

When a dealer decides to control the ball, they will be trying to cheat roulette. You will find that dealers have a signature way of throwing in the ball, which some say can help predict where the ball will land. So, some players will look at the dealer’s signature to study it and try and see if it will help them identify where the ball will land.

However, in most cases, it does not mean that the dealer is trying to cheat. It will be a natural style that they would have been using if they had been a dealer for some time. However, this will make it easier to predict where the ball will land because the game is based on luck.

Conclusion on Controlling the Ball

Being a dealer over a long period can lead to a certain way to handle the ball. In most cases, it is just a natural way they have picked up to throw the ball, and it has nothing to do with them trying to cheat the game. What’s more, different things are involved when the ball is thrown in the wheel and the wheel itself.

Also, if you want to know whether a dealer is controlling the ball, it will take time and effort to pick that up. You could be spending time focusing on improving your chances of winning the game. This makes this method time-consuming if you were using it to try to have an edge and win the game.