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Updated on: December 31st, 2021

VIP Loyalty Bonuses USAOffering loyalty bonuses to frequent customers is one of the many strategies casinos use to stay relevant in an ever-changing market. Loyalty bonuses are used to encourage repeat business from existing clients, as well as to attract new players to the casino. This type of bonus is only one aspect of a broader rewards offering called casino loyalty programs. Players who belong to a loyalty program form part of a select few who are offered premium perks and who receive rewards outside of the usual. To become eligible for loyalty bonuses at an online casino, you have to gamble often and place large bets on all your favorite games. Those who place average sized bets, but do so more frequently than the average person can also be considered a casino VIP.

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How Does Loyalty Bonuses Work?

When you first sign up at a casino, its main aim is to keep you as a customer and offering bonuses is their way of doing this. Normal spenders who gamble occasionally are often given the usual bonuses while high rollers and regular spenders who gamble frequently receive loyalty bonuses. High rollers sometimes even receive glitzier bonuses like gold, platinum and silver bonuses.

Loyalty Bonuses

The Characteristics of Loyalty Programs

Loyalty bonuses differ from the standard casino promotions and bonuses. Being labelled a casino VIP, or belonging to a loyalty program taps into the players psyche and speaks to the need for grand status and a sense of belonging. Not every player gets entry into this kind of scheme, therefore, those who do manage to secure an invite enjoys certain bragging rights and unique privileges. There’s a range of different loyalty bonuses available that’s designed to meet the wants and needs of every kind of player. These loyalty bonuses or schemes have unique characteristics to define them.

  • Tiered Loyalty – The first characteristic of loyalty bonuses or schemes is that its structured in tiers. Under this arrangement, all members are classified into a group, and each group has set criteria and requirements that determines where you get placed. Most casinos have 3-5 tiers each with its own name. Having a tiered structure often motivates players to play more to earn access into a higher tier, or at least maintain their current standing.
  • Invitation Only – Becoming a member and being eligible to receive the elite bonuses is an earned privilege. You get invited to join a loyalty program, you can’t choose to join and there are requirements you need to meet first. Staying in a loyalty program is also not guaranteed. You can still be kicked out if you violate the terms and conditions.
  • Special perks – Another great characteristic of loyalty bonuses and schemes is the perks and unusual rewards it offers. The kind of rewards you get depends on the casino, but the common perks include access to VIP events, and sometimes even your own account manager.

VIP Loyalty Bonuses

Quick Facts About Loyalty Bonuses

  • The most shared type of loyalty rewards are cashback and tiered bonuses.
  • Some casinos offer bonuses that commemorate special days or dates like Christmas and birthdays.
  • Loyalty bonuses are elite and are not always displayed on the casino site for everyone to see.
  • Its given to customers as a thanksgiving gesture for being loyal to that specific casino.
  • They can be redeemed for cash when you’ve reached a certain point or met certain requirements.

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