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There are several gambling celebrities that have lost lots of money at casinos. Gambling isn’t restricted to just ordinary players. As much as we hate to admit it celebrities are just as normal as we are. They can win and lose money the same way we do and in fact, many of them are just as good at poker, blackjack or even baccarat like us.

Gambling celebrities tend to place large bets but that’s because they have the bank to do so. They do enjoy a casino game every now and again and with gambling hubs like Las Vegas it comes as no surprise why these celebrities couldn’t get enough of betting. Even though the majority of them gambled smaller amounts of money, some of them clearly did not know when to stop making record-breaking losses. We look at some of the gambling celebrities that have unfortunately lost large amounts at casinos.

Gambling Losses

Michael Jordan – $5 million

Michael Jordan lost $5 million in one bet! Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but he is also notorious for his gambling problem. He is said to spend over a million dollars a year on gambling alone. Even though his basketball skills are incredible, when it comes to gambling, he might need to work on that. Smaller sums of money, such as hundreds of thousands of dollars, are entirely normal to him, so making large bets even if they result in large losses isn’t problem to him.

Charles Barkley – $20 million

Aside from his outstanding game on the court, NBA player Charles Barkley is also known for losing money in casinos. But he didn’t think it was an issue until he had lost around $20 million. He is the only NBA player with more retired jerseys than many other players, yet his gambling habit cost him nearly all of the millions he earned throughout his 16-year career. He was even sued for $400,000 dollars by a Las Vegas casino for a gambling obligation he didn’t pay.

Charlie Sheen – $2.5 million

Sheen enjoys sports betting, and there is information that he used to spend more than $200,000 dollars every week on the game, totaling $2.5 million. Charlie Sheen, the bad boy of Hollywood, is known for his performance in Two and a Half Men and for having a gambling problem. He used to gamble, squandering millions of dollars and making numerous poor mistakes. He’s been on the mend recently, and we’re hoping that trend continues.

Ben Affleck – $400,000

While it’s not millions like other stars, Affleck’s most significant gambling loss was $400,000. Aside from his amazing parts in various films, Ben Affleck is also regarded as an exceptional casino player. After winning the poker championship in 2004, he was prohibited from playing in Las Vegas. His biggest loss was from a single hand of poker.  Despite his gambling habit, in one night, he tipped the casino staff more than $150,000. This is why we all adore this golden boy of Hollywood.

Celebrity Gambling Losses

Pamela Anderson – $250,000

Pamela Anderson is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas, and according to one source, she lost $250,000 playing poker one night. She is well-known for many other things, including her beauty, her performances in television series, relationships and but she also enjoys playing poker. We hope she has gotten better at the game to avoid such losses.

Tiger Woods – $25000

The world-class golfer is also known for his gambling addiction. According to reports, he has a one-million-dollar betting limit in a Las Vegas casino. He has lost $25,000 on a single blackjack bet before so can you imagine all the other losses. When the cameras are turned off, that speaks a lot about his behavior. Interestingly, many players placed ridiculous bets on Woods to win all four gold majors in 2019. Some bettors are much luckier when it comes to betting as one player made $1,190,000 on a bet on Woods.

Wayne Rooney – £500,000

Wayne Rooney is known for both his superb skill on the field and his gambling problem. Despite being one of Manchester United’s top players, his £500,000 gambling loss became widely known as one of the fastest losses in gambling history, as he lost it in less than 2 hours playing roulette and blackjack. He claimed he was playing out of boredom because his wife and children were not at home. We assume he also requires a babysitter, although given his financial situation, this is probably not a major worry for him.

Play At Top Casinos

While you can lose lots of money while gambling, if you are playing responsibly, you don’t have to worry about that. Gambling is lots of fun and there are plenty of games to choose from. If you have no interest in spending your money on casino games, you can still play for free. And not to worry, the free games are just as well designed as the real money versions. When playing for real money it is important to have a budget and keep to it. If you intend on placing high stakes, make sure that you can afford it. The last thing you want to do is spend money that you can’t afford to lose.

If you’re able to there should be no issues if the stakes are kept low and under control. Gambling may be very addictive, especially when you’re on a winning streak. Many people have let their gambling become a problem when they lost large sums of money in casinos in the US. Remember to always gamble responsibly.