Common Reasons Why Casinos Block User Accounts

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Getting hit with an unexpected notification telling you that your account has been blocked can be both worrying and frustrating. You will know that your account has been blocked as soon as you try to gain access to it. This will be right at the sign in stage where casinos will usually leave a bold notification informing you that your account is frozen, blocked or temporarily removed – whatever the case. You may also receive word of this via email, that way you know to not even attempt a log in. But what warrants this kind of action from online casinos and what can you do to prevent your account from being banned or frozen by the casino? Let’s find out.

7 Reasons Why Your Account Is Blocked

Casinos block user accounts to protect themselves, or to prevent further issues from the player’s part. Here are some of the common reasons.

Blocked Account

  1. Casinos are most likely to block a user account if it finds that the person is under the minimum gambling age limit. This age limit is usually 18 years, while other casinos may raise that limit to 21 years of age.
  2. Terms and Conditions. When you sign up at a casino, you’ll notice that they have a section which details the terms and conditions for having an account. When you violate any of those terms you could face consequences like a blocked or suspended account.
  3. Suspected Fraud: Whenever there is suspicious activity happening with your account, in order to keep you safe, as well as themselves, the casino block or lock your account but they will notify you of this.
  4. Unsuccessful Logins. When your account experiences too many unsuccessful login attempts then you may be in danger of being blocked. Always recreate credentials that you’ll remember, or at least note it down somewhere safe.
  5. Data Breach: Any business that operates online runs the risk of being breached by a hacker, and casinos are no exception. When a casino has been breached, one of the first call to actions is for all casino accounts to be locked which will prevent anyone from accessing the casino and playing.
  6. Bonus Greed. Most casinos offer a welcome bonus to new players who have signed up at the casino. But some players take advantage of this and creates more than one account simply so that they can benefit from this bonus more than once. The casinos will ban all your accounts when they pick up on this.
  7. Several Accounts: Most casinos operate on a “one person, one account” rule and if you disobey this rule by having several accounts then you may get blocked.

What To Do When You Get Blocked

In the event when you do get blocked knowing that you’ve done nothing wrong the best thing to do is remain calm. If this is indeed the case, then the casino will be more than happy to resolve the issue and get you gaming in no time.

During this time, it may also be a good idea to read up on the various policies, rules, terms and conditions set out by the casino. You may find answers as to why you might have been blocked there. If not, feel free to contact the customer support team for assistance.