Do Professional Blackjack Players Count Cards?

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Yes, professional blackjack players count cards. Counting cards is not something that is banned for players to use. Players use this technique as a way to improve their chances of winning. They count the number of cards dealt and left in the shoe to determine which cards are still in the shoe and how they can better beat the dealer.

If you are good at card counting, using this strategy as a professional blackjack player will see you winning more hands. What’s more, when used correctly, you can reduce the house edge to 1%.

blackjack player counting cards

How to Count Cards

As we have mentioned, you will need to keep track of the cards that are dealt in the shoe and the ones that have been discarded to pull off card counting. You will track the cards by assigning a value to the cards. This strategy is not simple because some blackjack games will use more than one deck of cards, making it even more difficult.

You also need to card the cards in a way that is not obvious for people to see because you will be banned from continuing to play. Card counting is not illegal, but it can get you banned at casinos should they find you card counting.

If you are considering card counting while playing at online casinos, it won’t be easy because at some casinos, after cards are dealt, the deck will be shuffled.

Is it Possible to Win Without Card Counting?

Yes, it is possible to win at blackjack without card counting. There are other strategies that professional blackjack players use to improve their chances of winning. Most will start by following the basic strategy of knowing how to play the kind of hands that you are dealt. Then they move on to using betting systems that can also improve their chances of winning.

However, with all the strategies that can be used, there is never a guarantee that you will win the game when you use them. All casino games are based on luck, and blackjack is no different. However, using your skill gives you better chances.

Play Blackjack Online for Free

If you want to test any strategy, you can do that while playing free online blackjack. You will not be risking any money, and you can practice for however long you want and only play for real money when you are ready.