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Yes, you can win the lottery if you are playing online. It doesn’t matter whether you are playing national, local, or even internet lottery games. You stand a chance of winning either way. There have been many players who got lucky and won the lottery while playing on the internet.

It is very simple also to play the lottery online. You need to create an account on the lottery website or even at an online casino that offers lottery games to get started. Since you will be playing for the jackpot prize, you will have to deposit into the account you created to be eligible.

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Tips to Win Lottery Playing Online

As we have mentioned, it is simple to start playing the lottery online. To make it even more convenient, there are lottery websites with an app that you can use to play your favorite lottery games. Below we have listed some tips that can help you win the lottery while playing online. However, keep in mind that this does not in any way guarantee that you will win.

1.      Generate Number Online

Everyone already knows that you can choose the quick pick option when playing the lottery. Quick pick will choose numbers randomly if you want to play but don’t have your numbers. You can do the same thing when you are playing lotto games online.

However, the lottery website is not the only place where you can generate numbers. There are various places on the internet where you can generate numbers that you can bet on. Some websites have statistical information about the previous lottery draws from games such as Mega Millions and Powerball. From this data, you can choose your lucky numbers, frequently drawn numbers, or even the ones that are not drawn often.

2.      Check Your Ticket

In the US, there is over a billion dollars worth of unclaimed lottery prizes. This is because the lottery not only offers prizes for the main jackpot that they draw for. Other prizes are awarded from the same drawings that happen for the main lotto jackpot.

So, when you are playing only, you can easily be able also to see if you have won any of those small prizes. That is because when you check your ticket online, the results you get will show you if you won any other small prizes if you didn’t make it for the main draw.

3.      Enter Second Chance Lottery Drawings

In some states, the lottery gives you a second chance at winning if you didn’t win with your ticket. The lottery hosts second chance drawings where you have a much better chance of winning a prize than the main jackpot draw. Most state lotteries host these second-chance drawings online via their mobile apps or on their websites.

So, consider entering your losing lottery ticket in the second chance drawing online. Since the odds of you winning are better, you might walk away from a lucky winner. You don’t even have to pay to enter. All you need is the losing ticket.

Get Notification for Winning

Above, we have mentioned how there are a lot of prizes that have not been claimed. This happens because most people will forget to check their tickets. However, when you play online, you can easily get notifications of when you have won. Do keep in mind that this will not apply to all state lotteries.

The Michigan Lottery is known to get in contact with players who have won from their online tickets. In this case, the lottery will have your information since you registered to play online, and that is how they can get in contact with you, especially if you have won a big jackpot prize. However, before they call you, they will give you a few days to see if you will claim your prize without the call. Only then will they call you if you haven’t gone to claim your prize.

Lucky Online Lottery Winners

News about people winning when playing online should be enough to convince you that people stand a chance of winning online. Here are some inspiring stories.

  • Two lucky players won prizes for the Powerball draw with tickets they bought online through the Online Play. The first lucky winner got the $1 million prize with a $3 Power Play ticket, and the prize was doubled because of the 2x multiplier. The second lucky winner got $50 000 for matching four numbers and the white balls.
  • A lucky online winner scored a $1 million prize with the ticket they bought online through Online Play on the lottery website. They used $2 to buy the ticket back in February 2021.

The winners mentioned here were playing online in North Carolina. However, this is not the only state where you can play online lottery games.