How Do Live Casinos Work?

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With technology, cameras, and the internet, a gaming room is recorded and streamed live for gamblers to play table games with a live dealer. Every detail of the room, more especially the gaming table and dealer are recorded and shared using a video link. As a player, you will be able to place your bets on various table games using a console on your computer screen.

A real human dealer will be dealing out on the table in real-time. If you need an assistant or want to speak to the dealer, there is a live chat option. Find out more details about how live casinos work below.

How Do Live Casinos Work

How the Live Casino Technology Works

As we have mentioned, live casinos use technology that allows gambling action to be streamed live on the internet. So, what technology is used to make sure that things run smoothly? Firstly, there are different kinds of games that are played at live casinos, and each has ways in which they work. The technology for a blackjack game won’t be the same as roulette because the other uses cards, and the other uses a wheel.

Live Blackjack Technology

If you choose the live blackjack game, the cards may use barcodes or microchips scanned when they are dealt. This also ensures that the games remain fair without any cheating.

What’s more, once the cards are scanned, the dealer’s card will be presented on a screen for him/her to see. The player’s cards will be shown on the table. A time limit is given to place bets and make decisions during game rounds.

Live Roulette Technology

In live roulette, the wheel will have a sensor that will detect where the ball lands. The Game Control Unit will then digitize the information. All the roulette tables will have their own Game Control Unit. Like the blackjack game, you will see the results displayed on the screen to show where the ball landed.

Cameras and Control Room

One table is usually allocated at least three cameras. One will show the overall table, while the second one will capture the dealer, and the third one will catch the table. There will be a director in the control room who will control the cameras. In the control room, they also monitor the live chat.

How Live Casinos Work: Conclusion

Live casinos bring the land-based casino experience right in your home. You will be able to see the cards being shuffled and dealt or the roulette wheel spinning. In some cases, you can play together with other gamblers and interact with them as well.

Also, there are different live casino games to play, excluding roulette and blackjack. These games include live lottery, live craps, and live poker. However, for live craps, there are very few casinos that offer this kind of live gaming.

One of the best software providers known to offer the best live casino gaming experience is Evolution Gaming. You can find out more about the provider from our guide.