How Much Money Do Online Poker Players Make?

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Would you like to know how much the average online poker player makes? Well, we’ll begin by saying that poker is one of the most lucrative casino games out there, and is often the game of choice for gamblers who go pro. There’s a reason why players choose to pursue a career in poker and not another casino game. We discuss all this and more below.

Playing poker online is different from playing poker in a tournament or at a land-based venue. But, neither is more profitable than the other. In fact, some believe that the odds of online poker is better, but that’s a theory yet to be proven true.

How Much Money Do Poker Players Make

How Much Money You Can Expect to Win

How much you make in a month/year depends on a number of factors. These factors include: how skilled you are, how often you play, the kind of stakes you make, the kind of players you go against and your luck for that particular time. But, here’s a rough example of how much you stand to win over the course of one year. These figures are taken from a real-life pro poker player at low stake casinos playing Texas Holdem.

StakeGameNo. of Hands PlayedWinnings
$5 – $10Texas Holdem99-$521, 21 (loss)
$3 – $6Texas Holdem1$53,34
$2 – $3Texas Holdem3111-$2997, 47 (loss)
$1 – $2Texas Holdem27 236$5250, 56
$0.5 – $1Texas Holdem120 085$6124, 24
$0.25 – $0.5Texas Holdem242$39.23
$0.05 – $1Texas Holdem207 759$2900, 58
$0.02 – $0.5Texas Holdem8 369-$367.87 (loss)
$0.02 – 0.05Texas Holdem749 157$5867,54
Total: $20 235,49


The table above shows how much money you can expect to make from playing poker online over a long period of time. You’ll notice that the overall winning amount is good, but he had to play hundreds of thousands of hands to make that much.

The example is also based off games at casinos that accept small stakes. If you want to make more than that, you’ll have to play at a poker site that offers higher betting limits.

Poker Bonuses and Incentives

The overall win amount above is merely an example of what you stand to make when playing at poker tables. You will receive much more if you make use of casino bonuses and other promos. Casino bonuses are designed to reward those who play a lot and make big wagers. Therefore, the more you play, the more bonuses you’ll receive, the more money you’ll make overtime.