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If you are wondering if it is legal to play poker in the United States, you have come to the right place. A short answer to that question is yes, it is legal to play Poker in America. Apart from the many misleading statements and myths, playing poker online is not illegal federally.  However, this is completely different at the state level.

Several states that do not have online gambling laws. However, others have stringent laws against gambling online where players could be charged with a felony offence.  The Unlawful Internet Gambling Prohibition Act prohibited the offering of online gambling to US patrons. This includes poker.

So, what changed? Well, the 1961 Wire Act reversed the longstanding decisions, therefore, giving states a chance to offer poker at an interstate level. Before you can make any real money bets at poker sites, you have to know it is legal. That way, you can be certain that the site you are playing at is regulated, and you will be able to receive your winnings.

Legal to Play Poker

States Where Is Legal to Play Poker

As it currently stands, there are five states that have legalized poker online. The five states are New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Nevada, and West Virginia.

New Jersey Online Poker

The pioneer of online gambling has seen more than $1 billion in revenue over the last couple of years from virtual poker. New Jersey was the third state to offer poker on the internet however, it has become the most successful.  There are seven poker websites in the state across four networks.

Nevada Online Poker

Similarly, to its brick and mortar casino reputation, Nevada has a large online gaming industry. It is the third largest state with a regulated industry. The state does not have any cyber casinos, and the only form of gambling permitted online is sports betting poker.  There is currently only one operator in Nevada.

Delaware Poker Online

Delaware is one of many gambling friendly states. It is also the smallest state on the list to offer virtual poker tables. Delaware has a liquidity sharing agreement with Nevada, which boosts its numbers tremendously. Three cyber casinos offer Poker, all of which operates under a shared network.

Pennsylvania Online Poker

In October 2017, the state passed an online gambling and poker legislation as part of the gambling expansion. The expansion was signed in to law by Gov. Tom Wolf. There is currently only one poker operator in the state.

West Virginia Poker Rooms

The fifth state to legalize Poker online was West Virginia. The state found a passage in the West Virginia Interactive Wagering Act. Lottery officials in the state are yet to propagate the regulations for the poker industry. Poker online is yet to make an appearance in the state.

Legal Poker Sites

Poker is a fun casino game with lots of variations. The odds of winning are pretty high when you play at lawful poker sites. Here are a few poker sites that we have reviewed and trust


Internet gambling is a forever growing industry, and it is not shocking to see states alter their laws to allow gambling online. With only five states offering poker lines, many other states are yet to catch up. Michigan is one of the states that will soon be offering poker online.

December 2019 saw Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sign gambling legislation into law, meaning the MI poker on the internet will be a thing soon. A rule of thumb to remember is that if a state does not permit online gambling. The law is the same for poker online. Sign up to our online casinos USA to play Poker today.