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Perhaps the question being asked here is – is there a way to minimize your long-term losses, or at least break even on all losses over time when betting on sporting events.

Professional sports bettors don’t always share their secrets to sports betting, and this is understandable. Sports betting is a very competitive industry and everyone wants to be that bettor who wins. Let’s use lottery games as an example, if you have picked up that certain numbers tend to show up more frequently than others, you wouldn’t want to share those numbers will other lottery players. Keeping those numbers to yourself and playing them in the hopes of winning is the likely choice.

Fortunately, people like us exist. We are not only an online casino site that offers casino guides. Our staff is made up of actual players and bettors who have experience. So, we asked a few of our in-house sports bettors about some of the sports betting secrets that they’ve come to learn over the years and this is what they had to say.

Secret to Sports Betting

Be Cautious of Buying Betting Systems

Betting system information is freely accessible on the internet and these ones don’t cost a thing. But, there are also betting systems that you can buy online. These come with all kinds of promises of high returns and efficiency that gullible players fall for.

The truth is, these systems must be received with a grain of salt because nothing based on chance can be guaranteed. Think about it, if a system is up for buying, then there are hundreds of other players using the same system as you. That’s hardly a sports betting secret.

Another, often forgotten aspect is that when players do come across a system that seemingly works, its popularity grows and more people start using it. Sports betting sites and sportsbooks begin to lose money through paying out winning bets and this isn’t something they want. They will investigate the cause and if they narrow it down to this particular system they will make adjustments to prevent this from continuing. Or, they will make changes that make it harder for players to win.

The secret to sports betting here is to find your own unique winning system and to keep it to yourself.

The Costs of Making Sports Wagers

When you make sports bets on your own accord, there are no added costs. You simply make the bet and be on your way. But when you wager via sportsbooks or bookies, making a bet is not the only costs associated with sports betting wagers. There’s something called a “vig” which is the added fee that sportsbooks charge you to be able to make a bet there to begin with.

There are a few things that you can do to help yourself suffer less from this added cost. The simplest option is to find bookies or sportsbooks that have a low vig amount. A typical example of a reduced vig may be making a bet of $105 to win $100 instead of say $120 to win $130 at another sportsbook. You can also go the extra mile and try to find venues that don’t include vigs at all.