Despite lagging legislation plans in many states, the NASCAR Live Betting option is in gear. The venture will see live bets taken at multiple gambling venues in the US. However, the states where most NASCAR races take place don’t allow sports betting yet. So, how will NASCAR Live Betting fare in the upcoming season? Well, no one can be sure, but the projected profits seem too good to pass up for the organization. Sunday’s South Point 400 in Las Vegas served as the launch for live betting on NASCAR, where sports betting is legally allowed. According to Scott Warfield, the NASCAR Managing Director of Gaming, the time for live wagering is now. The racing organization is also reportedly banking on gambling options to bring more engagement from fans in viewership. Reportedly, studies about the subject have revealed that US bettors with “skin in the game” were more likely to watch the race. While this casts hopeful light for-profits, will the fans keep coming back to their only betting options? Right now, overall winners and straight bets are only offered for NASCAR.nascar live betting introduced south point

NASCAR Live Betting “Breaking the Mold”

Traditionally, gambling operators have kept NASCAR live betting options in a narrow field. These options are usually: race winner, leader of the most laps, futures wagers, and driver match-ups. Since it’s so limiting for fans, the market has always been smaller. Chances of winning need to keep up with sports like football or basketball. Thus, NASCAR partners are starting to offer a better variety. In race betting, suggestions have been made for stage winners, green flag passes, grouped driver match-ups and lead changes. Based solely on these options with the right odds, the market for NASCAR betting could improve a lot in the live wagering maiden run.

Revving Up

Warfield has so far remained silent about how in-race betting will continue for the rest of the playoffs after Las Vegas. Of the nine remaining fixtures, just the Dover race in Delaware will allow legal gambling on the race. For now, it’s believed that partners in states allowing NASCAR live betting will be the indicators for the 2020 season.

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