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Osaka Casino Resort Prefecture Administrator Hirofumi Yoshimura announced that the Osaka State and City are ready to begin with the process for an operator and developer of a unified resort with a dedicated casino venue in December. The persuasive bidder will be discovered in the spring of 2020. The winner in the IR bidding procedure is expected to build a multi-purpose property along with a casino, and numerous other facilities, on the man-made Yumeshima Island in Osaka Bay. Osaka bureaucrats are drafting the IR operation policy that outlines the criteria for choosing the most preferred developer of the integrated resort. The framework is expected by the end of November.

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When Will Osaka’s IR Open Doors?

After the publication of the IR implementation policy, Osaka is set to launch the formal process in December. Also, they will pick the winning bidder in the next spring. City and region officials previously said that they would like to see the combined resort complete and in operation by 2024. However, the operators that have taken part in the request for the concept process have warned Osaka officials that the 2024 deadline is just too close.

The World Expo 2025 is planned to take place in April 2025 under the theme “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.” Osaka administrators have said that an operational casino resort would really benefit from the traffic that the Expo is bringing. According to initial projections, the exhibition is probable to entice up to 26 million guests over the next six months that it would take place. The city and the prefecture officials are believed to be considering permitting the winning developer to partly open the property in 2024. Also, Ichiro Matsui, Osaka’s Mayor, said that there were many uncertainties that surround the IR expansion process; however, they had not left a full launch ahead of the Expo.