PointsBet in New Jersey Faces Fines for Three Distinct Sports Betting Violations

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New Jersey’s thriving sports betting industry has been a beacon for operators and sports enthusiasts. However, even in a well-regulated market, occasional lapses can occur. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) recently imposed fines on PointsBet for three distinct sports betting violations. Let’s delve into the details of this development and what it means for the Garden State’s sports betting landscape.

PointsBet in New Jersey Faces Fines

Violation 1: Accepting Wagers on College Games

One of the most significant violations involved PointsBet accepting bets on college basketball games involving in-state teams, which is prohibited by New Jersey regulations. While college sports betting is generally permitted, wagers on games involving New Jersey colleges or universities are strictly off-limits. This violation underscores the importance of operators meticulously adhering to the state’s betting guidelines.

Violation 2: Improperly Allowing Wagers on a Prohibited Event

Another issue that led to fines was PointsBet mistakenly allowing bets on an event that had yet to be approved by the DGE. State regulators have strict protocols for supporting betting markets, ensuring fairness and transparency. PointsBet’s oversight serves as a reminder of the scrutiny required to maintain compliance within the industry.

Violation 3: Incomplete Self-Exclusion Measures

The third violation pertained to PointsBet’s self-exclusion measures, which failed to completely prevent self-excluded individuals from accessing their platform. Self-exclusion is a crucial aspect of responsible gambling, ensuring that individuals who wish to abstain from betting can effectively do so. This lapse highlights the need for operators to improve their responsible gambling mechanisms continually.

The Regulatory Response

In response to these violations, the DGE imposed substantial fines on PointsBet. The fines serve as a stern reminder to all operators of the importance of strict adherence to New Jersey’s sports betting regulations. The state is committed to upholding the integrity of its betting market and ensuring a fair and safe environment for all bettors.

A Lesson for the Industry

While fines may be a source of concern for operators, they also offer valuable lessons. The sports betting industry is continually evolving, and compliance is paramount. These incidents demonstrate that even established operators can make errors in a highly regulated environment. As such, the industry must adhere to state regulations and enhance responsible gambling measures.


New Jersey’s decision to fine PointsBet for these sports betting violations underscores the state’s commitment to maintaining a fair, transparent, and responsible landscape. As the industry continues to flourish, operators and regulators must work together to ensure that sports betting remains a source of entertainment while protecting the interests of all stakeholders. The fines imposed serve as a reminder that compliance is not only a legal requirement but also essential for maintaining the trust and integrity of the sports betting market in New Jersey.