Following the stalling of a bill that would have ushered horse racing in Georgia, the senate chamber voted to create a gambling panel to study the impact of allowing horse racing and casino gambling in the state.senate in Georgia

Gambling could Fund Education in the State

Eleven legal experts which includes the majority of the senate leadership, will meet in the summer to study the exact impact horse racing and casino gambling will have on the state should it be allowed. Senator Brandon Beach said that he believes the gambling panel will give Senate Bill 45 support going into 2020.

Sen. Beach also said that the legalization of horse racing and casino gambling is a step closer to creating jobs in the state and the revenue from the gambling panel will assist with the HOPE Scholarship.

The Georgia Lottery has helped fund the HOPE Scholarship since 1993 which helped many students attend Georgia’s public and private colleges. This is not the first-time lawmakers have made efforts to introduce the expansion of gambling in the state and several governors in the state have not stood in opposition of this measure.

There are groups in the state that oppose the expansion of gambling in the state because it is thought to be an addictive habit which can lead to many societal problems, like crime. There are talks of even introducing a proposal to the people of Georgia to find out whether they will support the permitting of destination luxury casinos

Horse Racing gets Lawmakers’ Attention

According to Sen. Beach this year the focus will be on horse racing in order to take advantage of the 80, 000 horses that are transported from Florida to the Kentucky Keeneland Racecourse. Stay on the lookout for USA news from bestusacasinosites.