The long and draining season full of twists and turns came to a close yesterday when the Super Bowl final match took place between the New England Patriots and the LA Rams. There was as much entertainment on the field as there was out of it. Fans of the two NFL franchises were able to make real cash out of the action on the field. There was, however, backlash after the game had finished that billions would be made on bets around the game. The staggering amount of money would be floating in what is dubbed illegal sports betting sites. This prompted a poll that is lobbying for online sports betting to be legalized in most of the other American states where it is banned.Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII Showdown Prompts Sports Betting Discussion

Before the game even started, there was a lot of ruckus surrounding the NFL and the Super Bowl spectacle. A lot of artists received backlash for agreeing to perform in the half time show, expected to stand in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and boycott the final completely. The show still went on and the New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.

Petition to Legalize Online Sports Betting in America

There was much enthusiasm around the sports betting fraternity when the Supreme Court seemed to repeal the long-standing PASPA law barring online betting last year. More discussions around the legalities of the pastime have been subsequently held and some judges have back paddled over the semantics of the law. Following the Super Bowl LII, a nationwide petition was conducted and there was overwhelming support in favor of legalizing the games. The American Gaming Association (AGA) seemed to have taken note and further discussions are still going to be held on the matter.

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