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We are sure you have come across RNG while playing online casino games. Some of you might have a bit of knowledge on what it means but new players will need to know it. A Random Number Generator (RNG) plays a big role in the gaming industry.

Online gambling sites display numerous games that use RNGs. When software developers create games, they include RNG to ensure gaming is fair. Let’s look at the significance of it.

rng in gaming

What is RNG and How It Works

As you have picked up RNG means Random Number Generator. It means the computer system produces random results, this could be patterns or numbers in a game. Blackjack, roulette, slots, keno, video poker, scratch cards and more use RNGs.

There are two types of RNG which we briefly discuss below:

  • True Random Number Generator – a use of physical events that consists of random elements like noise signals to come up with numerical values. It becomes impossible for anyone to predict the sequence of numbers because of the randomness of real events.
  • Pseudo-Random Number Generator – algorithms are used to create large strings of numbers that rely on a short string of numbers. The short string of numbers is called seed numbers. These can be based on natural or physical source. These systems are digital and based on algorithm and seed number. A hacker can try to access both to predict the values, but such an attempt is rare.

Fair Gameplay

Independent regulators test a casino’s RNGs before granting them a license. Licensed online casinos aim for fair gaming and transparency. Games feature RNG to ensure when you play the outcome is 100% fair. Best USA has several quality games you can play at top-rated casinos.

Games like blackjack or online poker are skilled based and give you an opportunity to affect the results. Provided you use the best strategy for the odds to be in your favor. However, cards are completely random and can change the game. You need to remember that gambling is about fun and betting on an unpredictable outcome.

Are you able to beat a Random Number Generator?

No, you can’t beat a random number generator because they are well-designed. At the same time, they remain fair to ensure players still have fun gaming. No one can determine the outcome of a game, but you can work out the probability of your winning chances. If you win a game of chance, it’s totally based on luck.