Top 5 Biggest Gambling Myths

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Numerous gambling myths exist, ranging from the belief that casinos cheat to the fear of imprisonment if caught card counting. However, we aim to dispel these misconceptions by shedding light on the most held gambling myths and explaining why they are unfounded.


1: Casinos Pump Oxygen into The Air

There is a common belief among some gamblers that casinos enhance the air conditioning on their floors with additional oxygen to increase customers’ energy levels and encourage them to gamble more. Some even suspect that casinos may add pheromones to the air. However, this belief is incorrect, and there is a logical explanation.

The notion that casinos add oxygen to their air conditioning systems is false because this would pose a fire hazard by increasing the flammability of the air. Casinos know the danger of fire and would never risk burning themselves to the ground by pumping extra oxygen into their facilities.

2: There Are Hot and Cold Slot Machines

The concept behind the myth is that a slot machine becomes “hot” once it begins to pay out, increasing the chances of frequent wins. Conversely, a slot machine that does not pay out for extended periods is known as a “cold” slot.

However, this belief has been debunked by Random Number Generators (RNGs), which ensure that every spin is entirely random, and your odds of winning on any spin are the same as on any other.

Occasionally, slot machines may provide multiple payouts in rapid succession, while at other times, they may go through extended periods without paying out.

3: It’s Important to Clarify That Casino Games Are Not Rigged.

While it’s true that casinos have an inherent advantage built into their games, allowing them to earn profits, this advantage is spread over numerous players and an extended time. So, it’s still possible to win.

Table games are generally perceived as fair since players can observe the dealer’s actions throughout the game.

4: Gambling Isn’t Addictive

Identifying the addictive nature of gambling is a critical measure in curbing problem gambling. Winning at casino games induces a feeling of pleasure courtesy of the release of dopamine in the brain. However, repeated exposure to this feeling necessitates a higher threshold for experiencing the same effect.

In the quest to replicate this pleasurable sensation, gamblers often develop unhealthy habits of taking higher risks. Moreover, pursuing more significant wins, ultimately leading to problem gambling.

While gambling can be fun, it’s crucial to exercise restraint and know when to stop.

5: Card Counting Is Illegal

Card counting is not a criminal offense; getting caught won’t lead to imprisonment. Nonetheless, casinos generally frown upon card counting since it decreases their advantage. Also, they may react unfavourably towards players who engage in the practice.