What Does K.O Mean in Boxing?

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K.O is an abbreviation for the word “knockout” and is most frequently used in sports like boxing, karate, kickboxing and MMA.

In boxing specifically, a fighter losses or wins via knockout when the other player losses consciousness completely and is unable to get back up to defend him or herself. A waiting period of about 10 seconds is usually given to the fighter who has been knocked to the ground. If he/she doesn’t properly recover during that time, we call it a K.O.

TKO In Boxing

There is also something called technical knockout or TKO for short. This has more or less the same meaning as K.O except here the fighter is still conscious but doesn’t have the strength to fight back and defend himself. The difference between the two isn’t as big but is still important to know when you’re placing wagers.

K.O in boxing

Other Types of Knockouts

K.O and TKO are simply two of the more commonly used betting options in boxing. But you aren’t limited to just those two options. Other knockout betting options include:

  • Double knockout: A double knockout happens when both fighters throw knockout punches at each other at the same time, resulting in both of them being unable to fight back.
  • A knockdown: A knockdown is rather hard to imagine, but it refers to when a fighter lands on the ground with a body part that isn’t his or her feet and is able to bounce back right after the hit.
  • Flash knockdown: A flash knockdown is one where the fighter hits the ground but is able to quickly recover and resume fighting without the referee having to do a 10-second countdown.

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