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Bingo online is not only a fun, enjoyable, and relaxing kind of gambling. It is also a game that is played by people of all ages. The game can also be played in a variety of settings. You might find your grandparents playing bingo games in halls or even town squares.

Yet you will find children playing the game of bingo, perhaps even web bingo, as an educational tool used to learn numeracy! We reviewed all the best online bingo sites and listed them for you in our top list below so that you can use the best bingo bonuses on offer!

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Best Online Bingo Sites

  1. Tombola Bingo.
  2. Buzz Bingo.
  3. 888 Ladies Bingo.
  4. Mecca Bingo.
  5. Gala Bingo.

Bingo Online Bonuses

When you play online bingo, you most want to maximize your bingo game profit, or at least get the most out. We advise players to take advantage of every bingo bonus presented to them.

Bingo Online Game Variations

Bingo websites offer a variety of different bingo games. You can play 75-ball, 80-ball, 90-ball, or even 30-ball bingo. The games vary when it comes to the patterns that you have to make, the ball speed, and card prices.

90-ball bingo

This variant originates in the UK and became the main kind of bingo played in Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. The numbers are settled on the bingo card in three rows and also nine columns. Every row has five squares with numbers on them and also four blank squares. The numbers are placed in random order on the card, instead of having a variety of numbers in one column like in 75-ball bingo, meaning you will need to focus more to find the number on the card as it can be anywhere.

80-ball bingo

This is the middle ground between the minor 75 ball bingo and the bigger 90 ball bingo. This game version has a card with 16 squares, four down, and the other four across. Every column has a dissimilar color to help players find the numbers are on the card.

30-ball bingo

This is one extraordinarily fast type of bingo, also known as ‘speed bingo’, and a good choice for players that don’t want the game to drag on. The bingo card is small with three columns and three rows – that is 9 squares in total. 30 numbers get called throughout the game, however, unlike the other bingo games in the mast of casinos you can win with a full-house card, meaning every one of the squares has to be marked off.