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Which Games Would Popular Netflix Characters Play? We give you our opinion. Unless you livae in the mountains and don’t have access to the internet, you’re probably watching Netflix. This popular streaming service has become a fan favorite for vintage television series, reality shows, movies, in recent years.

Everyone is talking about the hottest episodes and films, and with this in mind, we began to consider which online casino games our favorite Netflix characters would play. Trust us when we say there were loud debates, but we finally settled on the casino best suited for our fave characters. Keep reading to find out which games Hopper from stranger things or Carol from Tiger King would play.

Games Popular Netflix Characters Play

Netflix Character And The Casino Games They Would Play

We have picked characters from some of the most popular series and movies from Netflix. After munch deliberation we associated them with a casino game we think they would be good at.

1.     Kang Sae Byeok – Squid Games

This Netflix original not only broke the internet, but it also taught us all that we can be analytical. There was something to admire about the characters, whether you choose your favorite from the first episode or the last few. We discovered a poker player who will rail all opponents with a brilliant poker face in Squid games. Kang Sae Book is one of the stoic netflix characters who rarely shows emotion. In the first three games, she is determined and keeps to herself. She is also level-headed and capable of remaining cool in the face of adversity. To us, he sounds like a fantastic poker player!

2.     Jim Hopper – You Stranger Things

We can’t get enough of this lovely and protective cop. Everyone is rooting for the gruff cop trying to raise Eleven while also looking after the town. Hop would probably love a game of online blackjack if he were to gamble. He can play a basic game fast once the day is done, logging on late at night. At the same time, being amusing, cynical, and tired of the world. Jim has been broken by tragedy and is just going through the motions. We feel he’ll be able to master the game and try out new techniques with abandon till he wins big.

3.     Klaus Hargreeves – Umbrella Academy

Originally known as Number Four, he is a fun-loving individual who leads a hedonistic lifestyle and has defied his father. His most amusing and bizarre instances remind us of many casual slot players who only play when they’re feeling lucky. Klaus is more interested in finding immediate friendship than anything else. This is also how most slot players choose their games. They will play slots with a high return on investment (RTI), but they will not become connected to playing the same game if it is not rewarding. Besides, can you show us a slots lover who isn’t as sarcastic and hilarious as Klaus? We will wait.

netflix characters casino games

4.     Carol Baskins – Tiger King

Carol is a quirky cat and slot lover who many love to hate. This list would be incomplete without a cool, quirky and questionable. Most people suspect that she fed her former husband to the tigers. We leave that judgement to you. The aesthetic of owning a Big Cat Rescue, the “Hey all you cool cats and kittens!” phrase, Flower crowns, riding her bike and wearing cat prints give us big bingo player vibes. We can picture Carol screaming bingo in the hall and making a huge deal about it.

5.     Jason Mendoza – The Good Place

After his mother did a “cannonball” into it, Jason Mendoza was born in a pool. He has a carefree, spontaneous nature and is constantly cheerful and smiling. He also appears to be the ideal lad for picking winning roulette numbers. He will not second-guess his judgments and stands by every win and loss. Jason has spent his entire life on this planet hustling and has perfected the art of failing until you succeed. This makes him ideal for experimenting with different roulette systems until he discovers one that best meets his gaming needs.

Play The Best Casino Games Online

You may not be a character on a Netflix original but that doesn’t mean you can enjoy playing a casino game or two. We have played and reviewed the best casinos that accept US players. You can pick the perfect casino by checking out what each casino has to offer. While you do that, do you think we did a good job with our character and game match up?