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James Grosjean is known as the best blackjack player in the world. He started his gambling career when he was a graduate student at the University of Chicago. He was in the Department of Economics. He is also known for writing Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker, published in 2000.

He also wrote the Exhibit CAA: Beyond Counting book. Both the books are meant to help players have an advantage when playing casino games. However, that is not the only thing that he is known for in the world of gambling.

Professional Blackjack Player

About James Grosjean

Grosjean is the youngest player to be in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Using his knowledge of playing blackjack and card counting, he came up with strategies that help players have an advantage when playing blackjack, published in his books. He is still an active blackjack player, but he is not as involved with the game as he used to be.

Grosjean is the best blackjack player globally because he has won this title so many times that he cannot compete for the title anymore. For his recognition of being the best player, they have even named the world’s top blackjack player trophy, the Grosjean Cup.

He is also known for his blackjack playing skills and the contribution he has made in the industry. Besides helping players become better at playing blackjack, he was also involved in court cases that he won against the Imperial Palace and Caesars Palace. In the Imperial Palace, now known as Linq, he won his case for illegal detention.

Other Best Blackjack Players

Grosjean is not the only player who has managed to make a name for himself in the industry. Other players are also known to be the best at playing blackjack. Here is our list of the top five blackjack players:

  • MIT Blackjack Team: The team comprises graduates from MIT, and there is not much information about the team. However, what is known about them is that they were successful in card counting and managed to win $500 00 in one night.
  • Bill Banter: As another player who has his name in the Blackjack Hall of Fame, Benter had a short professional blackjack career where he managed to use card counting to his advantage.
  • Don Johnson: this blackjack player is mostly known for winning $15 million at three different Atlantic City casinos over six months. He claimed not to have used card counting but rather his trained memory and great insight to keep track of the cards.
  • Bryce Carlson: He started playing blackjack in the 1970s, he managed to become a professional blackjack player. Carlson developed the Omega II blackjack machine to analyze the game and use the information to improve his playing skills.
  • Erica Shoenberg: She has managed to win major blackjack tournaments that have led her to become one of the best players. Shoenberg has participated in the World Series of Blackjack and has made most of her money playing the game. She has enrolled to become part of the MIT Blackjack Team.