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James Grosjean is one of the best blackjack players in the world. Of course, he isn’t the only one, but he is one of the more well-rounded blackjack players. Grosjean is not just a blackjack player. He is also an author and notable expert of the game.

So, how is the best blackjack player determined? You have come to the right place for answers. Below we look at the criteria that sets apart regular 21 players and the best players to hit the table. We also share Grosjean’s blackjack journey.

Best Blackjack Player

What makes the best blackjack player?

Blackjack is a favourable casino game, and determining the best player can get quite difficult. Unlike other skill-based games such as poker, blackjack doesn’t have a lot tournaments or competitions. So, you identify the best player from the tournaments.

Also, blackjack players are not boastful people. You won’t come across a player telling everyone how good they are at playing the game. Things that can help in determining how good a player is at playing the game include their reputation, expertise and results on their blackjack ball.

The blackjack ball is an annual blackjack event where the top 100 blackjack associates attend. These include players, experts, and authors. After the dinner, attendees bet who should win the Grosjean Cup and title of the “World’s Greatest Blackjack Player“.

More about the Best blackjack Player

While at the University of Chicago’s Department of Economics, Grosjean started playing blackjack. His mathematical abilities allowed him to pick up card counting and manage to make a living playing blackjack.

After attaining legal victories over an agency called Griffin Investigations and two casinos, Grosjean become quite popular. He then become the youngest blackjack player to get inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

Grosjean has two best-selling books in his name, Beyond Counting and Exhibit CAA: Beyond Counting. In both books, he shares mathematical explanations of benefit play in gambling.

Other Top Blackjack players

As we had mentioned, Grosjean is not the only top player in this game. There are many other experts in the game. Many have been inducted in the Blackjack Hall of Fame, and many have won the Grosjean award. Here are ten other players who you should know about.

  • Don Johnson
  • Arnold Snyder
  • Edward O. Thorp
  • Russ Hamilton
  • Bryce Carlson
  • Ken Uston
  • Stanford Wong
  • Al Francesco
  • Tommy Hyland
  • Rob Reitzen

Play Blackjack Like a pro

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