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Who is the richest casino gambler? This is one of the most thought about questions in the gambling industry. With a topic like this, it’s easy for tons of speculation to arise about who has accrued the most wealth from gambling.  Most of the names that surface aren’t necessarily inaccurate. They may be one of the wealthiest gamblers in the US, but there can only be one in terms of rankings. For some, gambling may be a hobby on the side or used as something to pass by time. While for others, gambling has become a profession hence their success and fame in the industry.

There’re also various types of gambling. People gamble on the outcome of sports games, they bet on business deals, and others gamble socially in groups. But, betting on casino games as well as sports betting is where millionaires are made. And, fortunately, the USA has many casinos. Many of which are concentrated in Las Vegas which some call the gambling capital of the country.

Rich US Gamblers

Richest Man Revealed

Out of all the names mentioned, Billy Walters pops up the most as the richest casino gambler. Billy is an American born male who is a retired professional gambler, among other things. Billy is regarded as one of the world’s most successful sports bettors, with a career span of thirty years. In June 2014 his net worth stood at $100 million.

3 Other Rich Gamblers

Right behind Billy Walters are names like Phil Ivey, a high-class poker professional with ten World Series of Poker bracelets in the bag. Phil’s net worth stands at over $100 million to date.

Second is Chris Moneymaker, another well-known gambler who has made most of his millions playing poker. His net worth is about $16 million to date.

And lastly, Don Johnson, a businessman who once won $15 million while playing blackjack. His exact net worth is unknown.

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